Saturday, September 1, 2012

More Ballet Inspiration


Yes please!

ballet bokeh

ballet slippers

And some pink inspiration as well :)


cotton candy lips

pink bubbles

Not to mention....cupcakes!

lovely colour

Heart Polka Dot Macarons & Vanilla Bean Blueberry Cupcakes by raspberri cupcakes

cupcake love #cupcake #pink

Just your daily inspiration for the day :D 

Hope you enjoyed 

Hugs and hexes! Looking forward to autumn :)


  1. I love your ballerina inspired photos. I took ballet for years and really loved it.

    I'm loving those cupcakes too! :-)


  2. Yum, those cakes look delish!(<--lol apush...) Anywho, I am seriously thinking we need to buy ballet slippers, cuz they would be perfect for our photography class!

  3. Ariel!! I completely agree!! What are we waiting for?? Actually, I went to Target today searching for some but couldn't find any. Instead, I came out with an Oswald sweatshirt. How does this happen??? But definitely need to get some ballet shoes! I was thinking of just getting the standard kind, you know, the regular, because the pointe shoes are super expensive! Plus you have to sew in your own ribbons.

    Hugs and hexes!

  4. Laura, I would have loved to take ballet! I am simply entranced by the beautiful slippers, the elegant tutus, and the grace, control, and overall strength exhibited by ballerinas. And I love ballerina buns! Everything to do with ballet, except I'm not a dancer. Wish I was, though!

    Hugs and hexes :)

  5. Gorgeous images. Only took ballet for a couple of years but it was not meant to be. Love the slippers, and the red ones in the following post are absolutely dreamy.
    Stopping by to get acquainted with Le Mysterieux Carnival guests. Looking forward to it.
    Much love,

    1. As much as I love the slippers and costumes of ballet, I'm not sure I would ever be able to actually do it. I mean, it is seriously hard work. That is why I'm sticking to my Ballet Beautiful routine, which was founded by Mary Helen Bowers, who trained Natalie Portman when she was preparing for the movie Black Swan. I figured, this girl must be good then! And she's been a ballerina since she was a little girl. The workout video works great and gets me sore every time. I want to get slippers so I can pretend like I'm a real ballerina, haha!

      Oh and that's a good idea, to get acquainted with Le Mysterieux Carnival guests. I will have to do that as well! Can't wait for the big day!

      Hugs and Hexes!

  6. Really beautiful images, and all those lovely fluffy goodies are a feast for the eyes :-)

    1. Thanks so much, Angela! Glad you enjoyed :) I forgot to mention in the post that all those pictures are taken from my pintrest, as most of my pictures nowadays are. Hugs and hexes!

  7. Such beautiful inspiration!Three of my favourite things, ballet, pink and cupcakes!