Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ballet Slipper Love + Tiger Lily :)

I've been doing an exercise routine lately called Ballet Beautiful. Perhaps I mentioned it before?

It is quite effective :)

And lately I have really been in the mood for ballet slippers, hence the new blog look.

ballet shoes

They can definitely represent vintage.

Have you ever seen this movie?

Ballet Shoes

It's one of my favorites!

I even have a poster :)

Ballet Shoes<3

I am determined to get some! It would make working out a whole lot more fun!

Loving the red! What a great reminder of Christmas :)

Ballet shoes

And, on another note, I recently purchased and read this book:

You all know about my obsession with Peter Pan. Before I even knew what this book was about, I was buying it. And then I looked at the story and realized it was about the love between Peter and Tiger Lily before Wendy came along. It was super good! Seriously recommend it :) Should be in your regular teen fiction section at Barnes and Noble or you can order on Amazon.

Any good books you'd like me to know about?

Hugs and hexes!


  1. Omg those ballet slippers are amazing!! We seriously need to get some :)) and I think I will buy that book today, cuz it looks awesome!