Friday, July 19, 2013

It's the Wonderful World of Color

You sang the song when you read that, didn't you?

That's the only way to do it! 

(Click the play button on that music. CLICK IT!)

World of Color inspired cupcakes :))

If you have never seen a World of Color show at California Adventure in Disneyland, California, you have basically wasted your life/not lived, so do yourself a favor and see it. (If you were offended by that, GOOD! Maybe it will encourage you to SEE IT!)

These are very simple to make but they do take some time. We simply used a white cake box mix and put it in 6 different bowls. We then proceeded to dye each divided batter a different color. After that, we layered the batters on top of one another--putting purple in first, as it goes on the bottom, and doing red last--and baked them :) Because the cake was so colorful we felt the frosting should be kept simple. And voila!

World of Color is basically the most amazing water + light show you will ever see, playing Disney movie scenes in the water with the capability to make one weep from its beauty. (I was definitely NOT one of the weenies crying, I assure you....^_^) 

K thx bai

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Merry Unbirthday! ❤

Thank you everyone for joining in the mad tea party festivities! It has been such a delight to see that everyone enjoyed the ruffle cake and glitter, and we had a wonderful time bringing one of the most classic and beloved scenes of Alice in Wonderland to life. 

Despite the fact that this was intended to be an unbirthday, our guests surprised us by bringing us belated birthday and thank you gifts :) it was a treat and certainly unexpected! 

I made little homemade bags for everyone to take home, and mine is hanging from the knob on my desk. My mom was kind enough to help me a ton with the sewing and measuring. 

And now I have a few new additions to my desk :) 

Meet Miss Ladybug, an adorable paperweight. new chocolate notepad!

Which I took advantage of right away and made an autumn bucket list, to prepare myself for the fall season. 

I greatly anticipate the fall, the cool weather, and the fiery trees! Plus, the pumpkins and the's gonna be great! (As you can see, one of the items on my bucket list is learning how to knit.) Well, I have some great ideas for the Halloween party Vanessa will throw in a few months, so that's something to look forward to :)

Again, thanks to everyone and a merry unbirthday to all! 


Friday, July 12, 2013

Mad Tea Party 2013 ❤

Wonderland calls....

And along the glitter path to the Mad Tea Party....

Down the rabbit hole we tumble....

Through the gate and into the looking glass.

Where the Mad Hatter's cries of "Move DOWN!" shout from the distance, and we giggle and roll our eyes because we are finally HOME. 

A beautiful table filled with ruffle cake, raspberry tarts, angel food, baguette slices, brownie bites, apple turnovers, caramel creams, strawberry candies, strawberry glaze, sour gummies, whipped cream, official unbirthday tea, raspberry herbal tea, pomegranate oolong tea, and watermelon water. 

It's always six o'clock here....

Lanterns draped everywhere and tulle lazing about, plus strands of multicolored fairy lights....perfect.

Not to mention beautiful ruffled gowns.


And Jessica (that's me ⤵)

The raspberry tarts, mentioned above.

And food of ANGELS.

Ruffle cake, the Mad Hatter said. Have more! MORE! (Ariel and I made that frosting based on a technique we learned from the blog Sweetapolita, and though we've attempted it for the past few years, I think we've finally perfected it this time around.) 

The party looks even more illuminated at night :))

Darkness + mad tea party = glitter time

**The two photos below are not photoshopped or anything at all. No filters or apps were applied to them. It's just straight from my camera. We do authentic glitter here in Wonderland!!!!!**

I hope we blew some of the madness your way :)

Thanks for joining us for the Mad Tea Party 2013! ❤

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mad Tea Party Approaches....

Preparations for the mad tea party ensue! This is always one of my favorite times of the year! I would love it even more if it weren't so hot. It's been 110 degrees here for the past 2 weeks. I am dying. I hate summer. 


Got some new teacups/measuring cups! 

A set of four multicolored multi sized teacups. I love them! Hallmark is genius!

My friend bought a miniature cake cove and stand as well, and a little blue flower creamer. I can't wait for you to see the full effect of the party once it's all put together! This is going to be the best party ever....:)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Disneyland 2013

Our 3-day Disneyland trip ended yesterday, and though it is over, I feel as though I am changed :). I cannot explain how much fun this trip was, especially with my best friend joining me and my family. (NOTE: All pictures posted here are exclusively mine, property of 
Woodland Fantasy blog unless exclusively identified otherwise. Copyrighted. All rights reserved.) 


This was my view of the Sleeping Beauty castle when we first arrived at Disneyland. Glorious, I should say! After a tumultuous stay at our hotel (the room flooded!) we all woke up at 5 and got down to the park by 7. Disneyland wasn't very crowded because most people were at California Adventure, attracted to Carsland like bees to honey. We were able to do all of our favorite rides by 10 o'clock! And we ate lunch at the Jolly Holiday cafe :) 

We also did a ton of fun splash mountain poses! I would love to post the pictures but I don't know if my family would be willing to have me do so, so if they grant me permission I will happily post the pictures in a later post. The Sleeping Beauty castle walk through was especially fun! I attempted to take some pictures inside but it was pretty dark so it didn't turn out very well.

Pixie Hollow was a lot of fun too! 

As was Snow White's wishing well....

Where I made a wish and also ran into one of Mary Poppins's penguins! 

New Orleans Square was a lot of fun as well! 


On the Ferris wheel we filmed a couple of hilarious videos but again, I'll wait for permission to post those. We also went to Ursula's grotto in the sorcerer's workshop and made some pee-your-pants-from-laughter videos. Speaking of sorcerer's workshop....Belle's library!

This year I took the personality quiz and got Lilo and Mulan....I've gotten someone different every time! Last year it was lady and Jane! 

The castle again....

And a precursor to the Mad Tea Party!

Plus a late birthday cupcake!

In addition, I bought a whole bunch of stuff from the stores around Disneyland, including a Minnie Mouse shirt, Mickey Mouse pants, a Disneyland sweatshirt, an Eyeore pillow pet, and a mini purse! 

Overall it was the most amazing trip of my life and I am so grateful to my parents for making it possible! There will probably be a few more posts of disney pictures to trickle in....anything I missed in this post (which includes quite a few!) thanks for bearing with my crazy Disney obsession! 

Until next time! 

P.s. Just a reminder that all of these pictures are exclusively mine and are copyrighted. If you would like to use them, just contact me via my email address on the right hand side bar and I would be happy to grant your request as long as you have my permission :)