Sunday, June 23, 2013

Disneyland 2013

Our 3-day Disneyland trip ended yesterday, and though it is over, I feel as though I am changed :). I cannot explain how much fun this trip was, especially with my best friend joining me and my family. (NOTE: All pictures posted here are exclusively mine, property of 
Woodland Fantasy blog unless exclusively identified otherwise. Copyrighted. All rights reserved.) 


This was my view of the Sleeping Beauty castle when we first arrived at Disneyland. Glorious, I should say! After a tumultuous stay at our hotel (the room flooded!) we all woke up at 5 and got down to the park by 7. Disneyland wasn't very crowded because most people were at California Adventure, attracted to Carsland like bees to honey. We were able to do all of our favorite rides by 10 o'clock! And we ate lunch at the Jolly Holiday cafe :) 

We also did a ton of fun splash mountain poses! I would love to post the pictures but I don't know if my family would be willing to have me do so, so if they grant me permission I will happily post the pictures in a later post. The Sleeping Beauty castle walk through was especially fun! I attempted to take some pictures inside but it was pretty dark so it didn't turn out very well.

Pixie Hollow was a lot of fun too! 

As was Snow White's wishing well....

Where I made a wish and also ran into one of Mary Poppins's penguins! 

New Orleans Square was a lot of fun as well! 


On the Ferris wheel we filmed a couple of hilarious videos but again, I'll wait for permission to post those. We also went to Ursula's grotto in the sorcerer's workshop and made some pee-your-pants-from-laughter videos. Speaking of sorcerer's workshop....Belle's library!

This year I took the personality quiz and got Lilo and Mulan....I've gotten someone different every time! Last year it was lady and Jane! 

The castle again....

And a precursor to the Mad Tea Party!

Plus a late birthday cupcake!

In addition, I bought a whole bunch of stuff from the stores around Disneyland, including a Minnie Mouse shirt, Mickey Mouse pants, a Disneyland sweatshirt, an Eyeore pillow pet, and a mini purse! 

Overall it was the most amazing trip of my life and I am so grateful to my parents for making it possible! There will probably be a few more posts of disney pictures to trickle in....anything I missed in this post (which includes quite a few!) thanks for bearing with my crazy Disney obsession! 

Until next time! 

P.s. Just a reminder that all of these pictures are exclusively mine and are copyrighted. If you would like to use them, just contact me via my email address on the right hand side bar and I would be happy to grant your request as long as you have my permission :) 


  1. Hey Jess!
    Long time no see lol! I love LOVE this post, the pictures turned out amazingly well!! Our trip to Disneyland was simply magical, something to reminisce about during our hectic senior year that is almost upon us! You definitely have my permission to post the pictures and videos, they are so funny! I'm sure thy will make some other people smile too, and everyone could use an extra laugh now and then, right?

    I can't thank you and your parents enough for their generosity, and putting up with me all week! I had a great time with the Blue Cheese Family ;)

    My favorite memory is probably Ursula's Grotto, "That's all right, he can call me a flower if he waanttss to." I nearly peed my pants! And the Ferris wheel was awesome, and the roller coasters, and the character that I think f it, every memory was awesome! Even the Great Flood of 2013! :)

    Anyways, we should get together later this week, I think I will buy a cruiser bike soon, so we can do our picnic breakfast :) but I will text you about that later.

    Have an awesome Sunday, I will see you soon buddy!

    -Ariel <3

    1. I am so glad that you had an amazing time, because I did as well! Thanks for being a trooper and sticking through the whole way--even through the Great Flood and my mother's wrath (which actually got us quite a few places!)

      I loved the Sorcerer's Workshop and our videos there as well, that was probably my favorite memory because it was just so funny! I will try to post the videos, and if I don't I'll just send them to you so that you have them.

      I can't wait until the mad tea party! We need to start planning as soon as we can, and get the invites out! Anyway, I will talk to you soon, doll!

  2. Ah your pictures are so beautiful! When I was at Disneyworld they didn't have a lot of this stuff, and a lot of things were under construction. You lucky duck getting to thoroughly indulge in everything! You look so adorable, and the things you bought are so sweet! Looking at my Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey and my pink Minnie sitting on my fireplace right now, I love Disney so much.

    1. A kindered Disney spirit you are! I'm sorry that Disneyworld didn't have as much stuff....I've always wanted to go there! I hope to one day take that trip, and also visit Universal Studios and the Harry Potter park, as you did :) Was it super crowded when you were down there?

      Talk to you later!