Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Little Witch

Can you feel that change?

That's autumn.

Isn't it great???

To celebrate the coming of this fine season, I donned my miniature witch's hat and took a few pics. (Plus, I suffered catcalls and discrimination from my snickering family. Oh, the sacrifices I make for blogging...:) )

I don't know about you guys, but even though it's officially autumn, the weather sure doesn't reflect that.
It is still extremely hot here in California.


I am experimenting with Photoshop. It is really quite fun! I am taking a photography class in school, and it's taught me how to apply the special effects I see on so many photos to my own work. 
The other day, we had a photo contest, and the theme was music. Here is the photo I submitted:

We haven't voted on our favorite pictures yet, and I'm not sure you can win a prize or anything, but it sure would be great to win! What do you think of the photo? (Sorry, it isn't supposed to be sideways, and it wasn't when I submitted it, but for some reason I can't rotate it. Just imagine it's vertical.)

My brother let me borrow his saxaphone for this photoshoot. Speaking of instruments....I wanted to join the band next year, and since both of my brothers play woodwind instruments, I thought it would be pretty cool to play the flute! They were teaching me to read music yesterday over dinner, and my mom said we might be able to rent me a flute from the music store so I can start practicing now, and be decent when/if I join band next year! I am very excited because I always regretted not doing band in elementary school (I did choir instead) and now is my chance! Next year, I will be a senior, so it's my only and last chance to play. Plus, the flute has always appealed to me and it's supposed to be fairly easy to play. 

We'll see how this goes, and I'll keep you updated.

For the music photoshoot, I wanted to submit another photo of my cat listening to my iPod (which was ironically playing Everybody wants to be a Cat when I turned it on, teehee) but he just kept attacking the ear buds. Silly Pogo! 

I managed a couple of shots, but in the end I had to give up and just go with the saxaphone photo.

I think he was getting annoyed at my frequent yet futile attempts to shove little round circles in his ears.

They kept falling out anyway. Oh well. 


That's all for now, folks! I am really looking forward to Le Mysterieux Carnival coming up October 6th, hosted by Frosted Petunias, and of course A Fanciful Twist's annual Halloween fete. 

Pumpkins and candy and witches, oh my....

Hugs and hexes!


  1. Gorgeous pics!! They have a wonderful magic quality and may I say that your kitty is both beeeeaautiful!!

  2. Thanks so much Angela! I am feeling so inspired by the season of autumn....sigh. If only it would cool down!!!

  3. Well hello there my little witch. I have missed you so much! I'm completely enthralled with the way you've decorated your blog. It's truly stupendous looking! Pogo is the cutest. Did you know that in Canada we call all corn dogs pogos? I'm pretty sure it's just a brand name that caught on as the name of the generic item itself. Like kleenex or something haha. I do hope it cools down soon so you can wear sweaters and knitted things, at least a little bit! Thanks for your loveliness over on my blog. I'm so happy to be back. And yes, you guessed correctly about the tattoo quote! Now be honest, did you google it?