Thursday, September 27, 2012


The other day, at school, I went Disneybounding.

Disneybounding, you ask?


This is what I wore to school.

This is what I wanted to wear....

But I chickened out :)

Disneybounding is just adapting your wardrobe to look like clothes a Disney character would wear. I did Minnie Mouse--classic and easy. When winter rolls around I will do Captain Hook--I'll post pictures, don't worry. And it doesn't have to be all out--click on the link above and you will go to a tumblr with hundreds of Disneybounding outfits, and it even tells you where to buy them. 

Here are a couple of my favorites, and ones that I will hopefully either recreate or even purchase eventually:

Buy it here!

Buy it here!

Buy it here!

Buy it here!

Buy it here!

Buy it here!

Watch it!

Buy it here!

Buy it here!

Will you be the next DisneyBound affiliate? On October 26th, DisneyBound will be hosting the Pumpkin Ball! Submit a photo of yourself DisneyBounding as any Disney character to with subject line “Disney Halloween”! You might be chosen to be one of the 10 Pumpkin Prince or Princesses who will enter into a 24-hour voting period where followers will vote on who will win the Pumpkin King or Pumpkin Queen crown! 
They will then join Queen Hayley and Nick De Vil, DisneyBound’s current affiliates in the DisneyBound Kingdom as the hero of our family!

All of these outfits (and hundreds more, I kid you not) can be found here.

The point of Disneybounding is not to go out and purchase a whole new outfit--it's to use the inspiration you find from the outfit collages and adapt that to your own wardrobe. Be creative!!!!

Have fun with this, and leave a picture in the comments below if you would like to share a picture of yourself Disneybounding, or leave a link if you'd like to share a photo of more Disney inspiration or just someone else Disneybounding!!!!


Hugs and hexes!

P.S. Just got Snow White and the Huntsman and The Avengers on Blu-Ray....excited beyond belief! We never buy DVDs!

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  1. Oh YEAH! Finally, someone who also knows about Disneybounding!!! Actually, I have recently bought quite a few items which I call "Rapunzel approved." Of course, lilac, voilet and purple are the main colors then.

    Well, I admit -- I have several Disney links bookmarked. One of my favorite ones is:

    Maybe you enjoy it, too. :)