Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pixie Dust and Carrot Cake

I ordered something special from a little Etsy shop called Market1.

It was called Robin's egg nest pixie dust necklace with sparkling white dust inside dangling from a blue ribbon. And I absolutely love it :)

I love pixie dust and anything Neverland/Peter Pan related. So this was just perfect for me. :)

Definitely something I would recommend either for a party favor or an unbirthday gift to yourself :)

For any occasion, really.

Speaking of birthdays...

It is my brother's birthday in 5 days, and he is letting me make his cake! Super excited about that :)

I am going to do a carrot cake with whipped vanilla frosting, tinted blue. And lots of sprinkles and candles. 

Delightful, I should think!

Picture from here

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  1. Love the necklace! Sparkly fairy dust is always a great thing! Your brother is very lucky....carrot cake is so delicious :-)