Saturday, August 4, 2012

Updates and Giveaway Results!

I have had such a great time party hopping to all of the wonderful and lovely Mad Tea Parties through Vanessa's blog, A Fanciful Twist! There are so many great parties out there, and I'd like, once again, to thank Vanessa for everything she does to put these events together, and host a truly delicious and splendid party herself! 

That said, I have a few quick updates for you!

I popped over to Joannes and purchased a copy of Somerset Life, because I knew that Vanessa was featured in it, and I absolutely love the magazine! Not only is Vanessa's section lovely, but there are a ton of cool crafts in there as well, including projects and ideas. Plus, there are plenty of beautiful blogs listed that I have visited.

Just the cover drew me in :)

And then I reached Vanessa's lovely feature.

Some of her best photos ever were presented :) (or at least, some of my favorites.)

As well as these....Mad Tea Party pictures and Valentine's day pictures from 2011. Splendid, if you ask me.

I especially love this one :)

And there were also some great crafts featured, as well as ideas in general.

These spools of lace and other vintage fabric make me swoon inside. :D

And now, for the giveaway!

I spent quite a bit of time fashioning the lovely items a lucky winner will be receiving, packaging them up real nice. (Anyone who had entered the giveaway previously was automatically entered, as well as anyone who left a comment on the Mad Tea Party post).

That is part of the wonder and magic of the giveaway, isn't it? Packaging things, that you will ship off to someone, to hopefully brighten their day.

This little wish package in turn was placed inside a dream package, which contains the rest of the giveaway items, plus a little extra :)

Is that taffee I see peeking out? Plus something else? Yum!

I plopped everyone's name into the cream container of my pink heart tea set....

And shook them up real good....

And pulled one out!

Congratulations to AMY SPERRY FALDET from Such a Wondrous Place this Faerytale Place! You are the lucky winner of the Dream and Wish package, containing the items I listed at the end of the Mad Tea Party post plus a few little extra paper creations I threw in :) I hope you enjoy! Email me with your address and shipping info and I will get that shipped off right away! (My email can be found under the pink typewriter on my right hand sidebar)

Thanks everyone for participating, and I hope everyone had a great time joining in the madness of the mad tea party!


  1. Congrats to the winner! Thanks for sharing all the great pics with us Jessica. =)

  2. Congratulations Amy! What a lovely post announcing the winner and thanking the host :) I am off to get that magazing.