Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gingerbread House Inspiration + Le Mysterieux Carnival

Just a warning: This blog post is very scattered, with a central theme of sweets, so bear with me :)

Lately, I've been inspired by this....

PINK gingerbread house

Gingerbread houses. And I know these are typically associated with Christmastime, but I don't think so. And even if they are, I just love the look!

I love drawing inspiration from these little edible houses! There are just so many great designs one can choose from!

sugarplum gingerbread house

Personally, I love the pink and white, but candy colors are a must.

gumdrop porch gingerbread house

What do you think?

I also love this gingerbread puppy.


He's adorable!

Sweets are not only great to look at (and eat) but they are also wonderful inspiration starters. 

Can you imagine getting a Starbucks whilst eating one of those beauties on a cold winter day? Heaven, if you ask me.

strawberries and starbucks

These made my laugh because they reminded me of the event that Frosted Petunias is hosting on Saturday, October 6.

Moustache Cupcakes

It's a carnival themed party for Halloween, which I will be happily participating in. 

Ideas abound.....

P.S. All pictures (besides the last one) taken from here


  1. Such dreamy delicious photos! I think you're right, gingerbread houses are definitely not just for Christmas :-) Lately I've been inspired to draw whimsical little houses, there is something magical and comforting about the cozy little creations, lol.

  2. Thanks Angela! I found a ton of these pictures from Pintrest....lately I have been addicted to Pintrest. I know that isn't the best thing in the world, but there are just so many wonderful pictures out there that are so inspiring to me! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks gingerbread houses are just for Christmas, haha!! :)

  3. ooh, i love the idea of having ginger bread houses year round! Why should they be confined to just 2 months of the year anyways?? Also, you are spot on about pastrys being good inspiration, thats why I love your pinterest so much!

    xoxo, Ariel

  4. Haha thanks darling! Oh, and sorry for the constant change in background and banner!!! I have been going crazy with inspirations and Halloween stuff and whatnot. So I apologize for that haha! Oh, and did you see it rained last night??? Yay!