Monday, July 2, 2012

Wonderland is Calling...and a Giveaway?

I have been all bolstered with ideas of Wonderland lately. Threading them together to devise the perfect Mad Tea Party. If you don't already know, Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist hosts this annual summer event, so if you are interested in signing up, click the link above and you will have a chance :)


I am truly much more excited for this than I should be. I have been planning for this event for quite some months now and now that it's almost upon us, I simply can't believe it! Gathering's a wonderful world of color!!!! (I just got back from Disneyland, sorry my mind is still in Disney mode!)

dandelion rainbow

Pintrest has honestly become a wee bit of an obsession. There is just something about the idea of gathering color and photo inspiration so easily....I love it so much! 


This might just be my favorite dress ever.

Fairy dress

I believe it's worthy of Alice herself :)

Anyway, enough of my obsessiveness. Instead, we're going to talk...GIVEAWAY! 

On the day of the party, July 28th, I will have prepared one Wonderland, Mad Hatter inspired gift bag for a lucky winner. Now, the winner will be selected randomly, as is the only fair way, but in order to qualify to be that winner, you must follow a couple of instructions. (UGH! Rules!!) You will have until July 27th to enter for the giveaway--simply notify me by leaving a comment. 

One of the things I really like about Wonderland is the leeway it allows for you to slip out of your own skin and become someone else. So I would like all of you to invent your own "fairy names" for the party. Below I have listed some suggestions, but feel free to create whatever you want. It doesn't have to be fairy-ish. But whatever you choose to use, it will serve as your Wonderland identity.

So here are the....err, rules for the giveaway:

1. You must leave a comment saying you are interested in participating in the giveaway. (This means it must be okay that for you to give me your address via email so I can ship the package to you if you win.)

2. In your comment, tell me your Wonderland name. Your Wonderland name will serve as your identity for the drawing,so make sure you have one if you want to participate! 

3. Become a member of my blog--"following" is fine too. In that same comment, let me know you have become a member. You can enter more than one comment, but you will only be counted once. 

Okay, so does that cover everything? You don't have to participate in a Mad Tea Party of your own to be eligible for the giveaway. But I strongly suggest it! It's going to be so much fun :) 


Now, if you are wondering why I wanted you to do Wonderland names, I don't really have a specific answer for you. I decided to make name fairy name tags for my friend and myself because we both entered our names in this fairy generator and I thought it would be fun for us to go to the Mad Tea Party with that name. Then I got carried away and created a TON of nametags. And I thought...well, I might as well do something with these. So that's where the Wonderland name idea came from. (HINT: One or two of these nametags just might be included in the giveaway....)

Here are the names I came up with. Feel free to use any of these or something of your own creation!

Yarrow Elfstaff
Hemlock Elfdancer
Feather Snowtree
Clover Elfsprite
Nettle Yewshimmer
Petal Icedancer
Clementine Ivymist
Silvermist Dreamer
Emerald Dawndusk
Ivy Castleglisten
Mermaid Scaleshimmer
Quilter Butterfly
Bracken Iceshimmer
Aurora Moonfade
Silverbell Glossdusk
Azalea Rubydawn

I will share more information about the goodies that the giveaway contains as the very important date approaches. Toodles! xx

P.S. All pictures taken from my Pintrest


  1. That dress is the MOST beautiful thing I have ever seen! Can we get matching ones and dance around fairyland? Sooo... I want to be part of your giveaway hehe! And I think my Wonderland name shall be "Jane of the Purple Jumping Socks". I dig it :)

  2. helooooo!! long time no see, now that summer is upon us! we must get together soon! I have been obsessively checking your pinterest lately, and i am absolutely in love! The pictures you post...incredible. I have no other words. Well, im not sure if I am allowed to participate in the giveaway, but I love the fairy name Petal Icedancer. It sounds so whimsical and pretty, wouldn't you agree? :)Well, I will see you at the mad tea party my friend!


    ps. I finished that book you lent me, Graceling, and it was amazing! I don't know what to do with myself now that its done :(

  3. I too am excited about the Mad Tea Party with ideas a plenty swirling about my wee domer.
    As always my wonderland name is: Queenie Believe :o)
    Thanks for entering me in your wonderful giveaway!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. Hi Jessica! I found you from A Fanciful Twist (one of my favorite places!). Your blog is just darling and I really enjoyed my visit. Hmmmmm, I think my fairy name will be Pink Acorn. I am your new follower - hope you can visit me at and
    aka Pink Acorn

  5. Well hello Jessica! I'm here via Vanessa's site. Your blog is delightful, as is your art :) You now have another follower, and not just because I want in on the giveaway ;)I will pick one of the fairy names you generated: Aurora Moonfade. This will be the first time I've participated in the Mad Tea Party at A Fanciful Twist!
    PS...Happy belated birthday!

  6. I can't wait for the teaparty either, I've been working on mine this afternoon. :-)

    Hummmmm what is my wonderland name?? Well it is Phe-Phe Teabelly. ;-)

  7. After all that trouble...Hmmmm
    I think I am suppose to leave a comment 'here' for the giveaway! here goes
    I am already a previous follower of your blog...
    My fairy name will be 'Primrose Buttercup'
    And my email is:
    And I do adore what you are already preparing for the Mad Tea Party!
    Teresa in California

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  9. I´m your new follower from Norway. You inspire my imagination! Hope I win some fantasy to my dreams. My fairy name is "Lively Leafdust".

    I wish I could attend your tea party, but i guess I just have to host my own.. Please share lots of photos from the madness!