Saturday, June 23, 2012

Frosted Petunia's Altered Fairy Shoe Challenge {And Prepping for Disney}

Thank you for stopping by! I am so eager to share my altered fairy shoes with you...

Locked in a little birdcage, a pair of Cinderella fairy shoes greet me...

With a little flutter of my heart, and a delighted grin, I approached them, wondering how on earth they could have come here....

With little white bows to decorate the toe, I was really close to swooning....

How delightful! Butterflies fluttering about, fairy wings decorating a vintage birdcage, Cinderella shoes inside....

So I did the only sensible thing for a girl to do in a time like this.....

I tried them on. 

And what do you know?

They were a perfect fit. :D

Thanks for joining me for my altered fairy shoe challenge, hosted by Frosted Petunias.

After all, if the shoes fits......:)


P.S. Upcoming events include....

This place....

EYE CANDY: Balloons! - Imagineering Disney -

If you'd like a good chat, come find me here tomorrow. 

It's magical.


Truly :)

mystical disney

I'll be traveling there using this...

fiary dust

To meet them....

Disneyland fairy tale

Whilst eating this....


Teehee :)

P.S.S. All pictures borrowed from my Pintrest. There is a page dedicated to it, if you would like to visit. Also, if you click on any of the pictures, it'll take you to my Pintrest. I've collected some seriously inspiring pictures, if you're interested....


  1. Your shoes are lovely.

    I hope you enjoy your Disney trip. :-)

  2. Very pretty shoes--and an excellent fit!


  3. Ah this is lovely, Love the pics, Thanks for sharing, Enjoy Disney, Hazelxo

  4. What a delightful gift, the butterfly fairies left you. I hope they whisk you soon to your Disney dreams.

    J x

  5. BEEEEEAUTIFUL! Love your fairy shoes Jessica. And I know you were at the happiest place on earth yesterday so I will send you an email soon to find out how everything went. Which I'm sure was incredible and an absolute blast :)