Thursday, June 21, 2012

Minty Dreams...

Ideas, pitter pattering in. 

I have been overtaken with the idea of this:


And now I see pastel mint green in my future...

I have always loved this crisp color. I have always been a lover of pastels of any kind, really, as well as earthy tones and especially light gray and white. I just love those light, summery colors. (Which is strange because I prefer winter and autumn, but anyway....) 

A tea cupboard filled to the brim with pastels?? Pinch me?


And a pastel dream for you?

A pastel dream.

And a shabby chic one at that :) I have only just discovered Pintrest, and I am beginning to see what I've been missing out on--food for the eyes, certainly! This is all special training, I think, for the upcoming Mad Tea Party that I will be preparing for like...well, like a madman. Mint green themed, me thinks?

Yes, it is decidedly so!


P.S. My very own Pintrest is in the works! I will update you and create a page on it sooooooon :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh a mint green themed mad tea party! How lovely will that be! I am so in love with these gorgeous pastels. I love the Eastery colours, like mint and pale pink and robin's egg blue. That watch is gorgeous, I want it but never wear stuff around my wrists. I don't know why. Perhaps all the tattoo-age hahaha.