Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wonderful Inspirations....{The Giveaway continues! Ends July 27th}

Just wanted to pop in and say a big thank you to those who are participating in the giveaway! You still have time if you would like to join in--until July 27th, as the winner will be revealed on the day of the Mad Tea Party, the 28th.

Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures and inspirations that I've discovered, which are helping me prepare for the Mad Tea Party. 

It shall be fun and festive! And calming too.

Summer picnic.

It shall be filled with frills and ruffles and lacy halaballoo!

Settee *LOVE*

Huge tulle skirt? Yes please!

Southern Belle #updo

As we explore the frosted carousel, in the middle of London....Wonderland approaches. Merely climb aboard, and you'll be transported to the place of magic and mischief....

winter morning in Paris

Just unlock the passage through....look, here's your key!

sparkling key

As you slip into your masquerade mask and your lovely purple dancing slippers....I did mention this was a masquerade, didn't I?

And as you let the magic in the air fall through your hands....

Faith, trust and pixie dust

Slipping on your pixie dust necklace...

pixie dust necklace

You can't help but wonder if you can just stay in land for a while longer. :)

Alice & The Mad Hatter :)

Happy planning, everyone! 

P.S. My friend and I are thinking of going frilly, ruffly, and candy colored! We want to be dripping with pearls, covered in tulle, and surrounded by sweets and good music. Wish us luck!

ticket to wish

All photos taken from my Pintrest

Leave a comment if you would like to enter for the giveaway :) Check the last post for details.


  1. ARGHHHHHH!!! I LOVE these pictures, they have been such an inspiration, as has your pinterest! I am soo excited, we are going to have so much fun! Can't wait!!

    xoxo, Ariel

    ps. that key is the exact same as my necklace, I even compared them! what a coincidence :)

  2. Awesome pin pictures! Sending many wishes and thoughts for muchly luck.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Ahhh this post brought me out of my funk Miss Jessica! Especially the snowy carousel! It reminds me of Ballet Shoes. I don't know why. And cozy warm nights with sugarplums and Christmas tree lights. The best thing in the world. It is funny because I just bought some masks too! I will definitely have to come to your masquerade ;)

  4. Love your Frabulous photos!
    Can't wait for Vanessa's Mad Tea Party!
    Ah, yes, dear, please add my name to your giveaway list.
    Ta! Ta!
    Teresa in California

  5. Okay, dear, I forgot to choose a fairy name, so don't count my comment above but use this one in the draw.
    I need to choose a fairy name for the Wonderland party...Well, How about Primrose Buttercup...or is that too close to the name of the Princess Bride? be it
    My fairy name is: Primrose Buttercup So, now I am completely ready to be in your giveaway! Thank you very much!
    I am already following your blog previously. Yay! My email is above but I will leave it again. one snitch my fairy name! It is mine all mine! I will turn into a wicked fairy and turn you into a toad if you do!!!
    Ha! Ha!
    Just getting into the Mad Tea Party mind set.
    Teresa in California
    alias: Primrose Buttercup

  6. By the Way...
    I think it is brilliant you are doing things 'backward' as they do in Wonderland...Having the giveaway drawing the day BEFORE the Mad Tea Party!!!
    Ta! Ta!
    Teresa in California