Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Wonderland Art Day

So, I went and took some pictures of the art I promised to show you the other day. And then....

Guess what I received in the mail today???

A beautiful piece of art. From my most wonderful pen pal ever--Jennifer from Broomsticks and Lace.


She sent me something for my sixteenth birthday, which is next Monday. 

When I got this package, I was thinking.......this made my day. An ordinary Tuesday turned into something extra extraordinary. 

Isn't this amazing???? Jenn said that she made it just for me. :)))) You have no idea how thrilled I am right now. Like, to the ceiling. My cup is FULL of sparkles!

And the lace around the frame just makes this piece. When I started to open the package and I saw that lace....my heart just leapt and I thought, So THIS is what Wonderland is like.

Alice, sparkly cupcakes, Cheshire cats, mushrooms, old trees, "eat me" stickers, pink background, lace, all on one canvas??? Someone pinch me, I'm dreaming!!

The painting smelled delicious when it came out of its wrappings. Is it weird that I think my painting smells good? Sowweeee, I can be a wee bit strange, when I'm giddy...


So this art piece arrived just on time for my art post, as though it was destiny :) Yay!

And onto the art I wanted to show everyone before. When I saw this post from Vanessa, I was so inspired. 

So I pulled out all of the old cards and paper art I had collected over the years from the box I was storing them, grabbed a piece of cardboard from the garage, and ta-da!

Everything got arranged. I put on pretty birthday cards, little art scraps I had created and saved, the postcards Jenn sent me for our art swap a while back from Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist's shop.

I also included some of the labels I had made for the Halloween Party.

And as soon as I saw the amazing card Jenn sent me, I just had to add it to the mood board. 

Not only is it adorable, but the message inside is so sweet! I tacked it on so I can easily open the card and read the message any time I need to feel better. Because those words literally made my day more special than anything I could have hoped for. Jenn, I will just say it again--you are amazing. 

This is a piece that I actually drew and colored with my dad's pastel chalks. I love the blending of the chalks, and I don't mind getting my hands dirty to create the smeared, blended look :)

You can't see it, but the girl is holding a teddy bear, and is on a foaming sea :) I call this piece "Sailor Girl's Dreams". It just makes me happy :)

One more thing I'd like to show you....

I got this several weeks ago and just forgot to photograph it. It was on sale and I just had to have it!

I LOVE antique skeleton keys, and this was just popping off the shelf!

Well, I must say toodle--oo and I hope you enjoyed this little art piece post. 

And again, thanks so much to Jenn, who is generous, kind, sweet, AWESOME, and a true believer in Wonderland! Jenn, you made my day, and I just want to say thank you so much!


P.S. I hope your present arrives soon, Jenn....And guess what? After it was shipped out and everything, I had a sudden inspiration of what I wanted to include in your gift. Go figure. I will have to send it as an unbrithday present :)

Thanks again, lovely, you know my style! That beautiful painting is hanging on the wall of my reading nook right now, in plain open view when you walk in the room. Right where it should be :)


  1. GAH! I am so happy it arrived! And so quickly! I shipped it like... Wednesday I think. Oh I am so happy you loved it. I have to send you a proper email and do more proper blog commenting after this. Like on the happy birthday post you did for me as well, you're lovely. But I saw this and had to comment before bad.

    I don't know what made it smell so lovely haha! Perhaps magic ;) I sent a lot of that from me to you. And I may have been burning some lovely sort of candle while creating it. I haven't a clue!

    Your art is so beautiful Jessica. I really love it! The sailor girl is such a dream. You already have your own unique style and it is soooo lovely.

    I am jealous of your mood board too! I want to make one! I've been slacking. All this party business ;)

    Oh I must tell you, I got a Summer job at a daycare! How lovely is that?! Working with some of the loveliest, most personally (to me at least) relatable folks in the world. Little ones!

    Ok will have to stop typing now, but talk to you tomorrow. I actually have to go to sleep now.

  2. Oh my gosh. I just read through my comment. I need to find another word for lovely... good lord... Thesaurus to the rescue for next time!

  3. Happy Birthday Jessica! Sweet 16 , bless you, and may all your dreams turn into reality...♥Debi Your friend sent me....hmmmm I wonder who that could be?????? she whispered " visit Jessica...its her special day"♥

  4. Thank you for the lovely comment! I have had a delightful day thanks to everyone here in the blogosphere. Many of my dreams have turned into reality...teehee. I got a stuffed animal bunny with a balloon attached to him. What more could a girl ask for?? :)

  5. Jenn RULEs you lucky girl!!! Just wonderful!!

    Oh and, looove the mood board!!!!!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! Ah! Two of my favorite people too~ Jennifer and Vanessa!!! Oh! And now I will be coming to your blog often too! I read your post over at Vanessa's blog and you were talking about mirror's being our foe...and it dawned on me why Mad Eye Moody called his 'foe glass' as he saw his foes in it! That was a Duh! Ah! Ha! moment for me. Thank you for mentioning the word 'foe' as it 'clicked' into place. Life is funny like that and I have read the Harry Potter books seven times over! And there is ALWAYS something somewhere that I MISSED!
    I love your mood board and the lovely card Jenn sent to you. Awesome!
    Teresa in California
    Have a frabulous rest of the week!

  7. Thanks so much, Vanessa, I had a delightful day! I will have to put up a post about my day as soon as I'm not so busy....

  8. Oh my goodness, I know exactly what you mean! I have read the Harry Potter books too many times to count and every time I reread them, the genius of J.K. Rowling continues to pound me as I realize some new detail that ties into the intricately woven storyline. I am so glad I could help something click with Harry Potter, I had never even thought of Mad Eye Moody's spyglass like that, haha! Thanks for helping me see what I helped you see! Wow, that's confusing....

    I am glad you enjoyed stopping by! Yes, it was definitely a treat to find those comments from Vanessa sitting in my comments box when I came to check--she is someone that I look up to so much and I have learned more life lessons from her and her blog than all my years of school, haha! I am always thrilled when someone wanders over to my wee blog and enjoys their time here :)

    Thanks for stopping by!