Monday, April 30, 2012

Cottages Again and Happy Birthday Jenn!

The tiny house obsession is back! Especially after witnessing all of Vanessa's teasers about her new cottage...

Mad Tea Party 19

So yes. I want a cottage. Is that too much to ask from life? A simple girl in her simple cottage? With a secret back passage into a little reading room? Surrounded by wooded glen? I fear it is.

Oh well, my imagination is quite strong. I am a strong believer in White Imagination. I even wear my glass heart to prove I am an Alyssian....

Haven't read Looking Glass Wars?

You should. 

It's amazing.

Especially if you are an Alice (or, in this case, Alyss) fan. I certainly am, and this new twist to the story just intrigued me so much. 

Hey, it's tea time! Whenever I see 4:00 PM I automatically switch to Victorian England time. Teehee :)

You remember this shabby chic cottage? I believe I did a post on a while back....

Here it is again :)

Beautiful :) I can just imagine sitting in that parlor and sipping tea whilst adjusting my little plumed hat. Yay for hats!

12 Victorian Cottage Hideaway

Oh oh and did I forget to mention a rose garden???

Oh, I meant to :) Sorry about my cottage obsessions. But as you can see from my last post, even the little fairies got a house, so I feel as though I need a little space to hide out and play in too...

My room is wonderful, don't get me wrong. But some things just can't be replaced.

I also wanted to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely fried Jennifer from Broomsticks and Lace.

I hope you had the loveliest of days :)

Now I must go and continue dreaming about tiny cottages :) 

And if you're thinking "What is she doing?? I checked in here to see some of that art surprise she promised from last post and nothing showed up! Come on, man! Get it together! EXPELLIARMUS!" Well, I apologize to you folk. I haven't had a chance to grab my camera, darn it. But when I do, I'll show you what I have in store. :)

Sometimes life just gets ya.


P.S. Speaking of birthdays, mine just happens to be next Monday, on the 7th of May....:))

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  1. Jessica thank you!

    For the lovely birthday wishes and cyber cake tee hee!

    I am so obsessed with cottages too lately! Miss Vanessa is such a teaser of this cottage nonsense. I am DYING to see the decor inside. DYING! Hopefully it will be finished soon... sigh...

    Since I live in the bush hahaha, some people around here have little cottage looking sheds in their own yards. I WANT ONE SOOOO BAD!