Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fairy Nooks and New Books

Today was a magical day.

Filled with fairy dust, just like that bottle, which you might recognize from my Halloween Party. (It contains the dust from a honeysuckle fairy). Anyway....:)

Don't you just love your own little nooks? Places you can cozy into and lose yourself in a book or a fantasy? I have created one for myself, and built it up as a place of childish delight, so whenever I look at it I just smile. 

My Tiny Tea Room!

A chaotic whirl of colors and magic ;)

A closer look?

This is the picture lovely Jenn from Broomsticks and Lace (visit her blog here) made for me during an art exchange. I love him! He is providing the backdrop for the fairy nook right now :)

Jenn also sent me some lovely cards from Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist and they are beautiful! Vanessa takes amazing pictures :) And the ones of her Mad Tea Party are favorites of mine :)

Last but not least, Jenn also sent me some little trinkets which I keep in one of my nonsense jars. (Also inspired by Vanessa--read more here). It isn't very full yet, but I'm working up to it :) Silly little nonsense things that makes us smile are so important to keep and cherish. (By the way, my Wish Jar is near explosion, stuffed full with so many wishes. I hope to release them on the day of A Fanciful Twist's Mad Tea Party this coming June.)

And I didn't photograph it, but Jenn sent me the novel Peter Pan in French. What a delight!

As for fairy nooks....

I saw this little house at the store and simply had to have it. I couldn't pass the opportunity up!

A little fairy house, for a little fairy. I decorated the inside with a cozy candle, just in case a fairy wanted to curl up....


And books....

I got two knew ones. I have all the rest of the Hannah Swensen baking mystery novels, and when I saw that the newest one was out, I just had to grab it. That's the Cinnamon Roll Murder. The other one, Wings, I just bought today. I've been hearing about it recently (plus I saw a comment from the author, Aprilynne Pike, on the cover of Entwined, one of my favorite books, so I figured it was worth looking into. We'll see! I'm halfway through Cinnamon Roll Murder, and have yet to discover the killer. Should be good! 

If you have read them and want to give me a little review of what you thought, feel free! And if you haven't read them, check them out! It's worth it!

Reading is amazing. I love it so much. If you aren't a reader, I feel sorry for you.


P.S. There is an art surprise coming up....teehee :)


  1. You know those glittering stars you sent me? I have them hung up in the gypsy room. I made a moon and two more stars (which don't like as nice as your gold ones unfortunately) and hung them in the lace curtain in the window. It makes me smile :)

    I am so glad you liked Mr. Tom Kitten, and are using him as the backdrop for your fairy nook. That's so sweet. He is indeed a silly little kitten. I'm glad you liked everything! And nonsense jars are such a cute idea!

    What a cute little toad stool house! I've been looking in the gardening section at every store for a nice big mushroom to sit on my wooden trunk, but can't find one big enough. Might have to paper mache one lol.

    And yay new books! I just finished The Sugar Queen, which was SOOO good but a little inappropriate at some parts so maybe you would want to avoid it. I love passing the mystery section in the bookstore and seeing all the mystery types. There's such cutesy ones like knitting mysteries, and library mysteries, and bakery mysteries. Cinnamon Roll Murder sounds so good, but I think it would make me want to eat LOL. I also just finished Peter Pan last night, which was worded so strangely that I didn't enjoy reading it sometimes. But I finally finished it and really enjoyed the last few chapters. I haven't made it to the bookstore yet since I have so many waiting on my shelves that I feel bad buying new ones... But I still want to read Entwined so much! Lol "If you aren't a reader, I feel bad for you" HAHA, you're so funny.

    Ok this is way too long, but I am going to pick a new book from my shelf and then come back and write you an email :) And I will tell you which book I picked in the email ok? Haha

    And an art surprise? I am sooo excited!

  2. We have a lot in common except I THINK our age.I am a woodland fairy,hobbit ect. dreamer too :) I would love to feature you in a post.More bloggers should enjoy your lovely blog. Denise

  3. Oh I would love to be featured on your blog! That's so kind of you, Denise! I am glad you enjoy yourself here :)