Thursday, May 10, 2012

Birthday Wishes

Well, as some of you might know, it was my birthday this past Monday....

(I am listening to Peter Pan right now....)

Wellll, anyway. 

So I just thought I'd share the fun times :) I hear sixteen is a special birthday.... :))

A lovely array of gifts greeted me when I came home. 

And let me tell you, they were quite extraordinary.

A bunny with a happy birthday balloon, a set of four colorful, light up lanterns, art supplies...

The bunny is SO SOFT and my daddy gifted me some basic acrylic painting supplies to get me started. The gift included a blank canvas, a little plastic pallet, a variety of basic brushes, and a whole case of about 12 tubes of paint that can be mixed and matched to create all sorts of colors! I am really excited to get started as soon as summer rolls around. 

I also got....


I dressed her up in my little Mad Hatter hat, a black tutu, and a lacy scarf. I love her!! The perfect filler for the empty corner of my room :)

Not to mention....


And, one of my favorite TV shows....

MERLIN! It's a British TV show. And it's soooo good! It involves King Arthur, Merlin (duh), and Camelot. It's funny, and family appropriate. Although, this is only season 3 because my parents said they couldn't the other seasons in stores. But they said they'd order them :) I would definitely recommend them! And if you have Netflix, you can find them. I was also interested in watching the show Robin Hood....that'll be a project for the summer!

After present opening, it was cake time....

Carrot cake time, that is :)

I made my wishes, and blew....(Of course, I can't tell you what I wished...that would break the magic birthday spell) :)

(And yes, I was in my PJs and glasses this whole time....)

Well, that's my story. A wonderful sweet sixteen :)

That weekend right before my birthday my friends surprised me by coming over (via my mom, who set the whole thing up, thanks mommy!). We had Starbucks, went to the archery range, and saw the Avengers. All three were amazing. Plus a Nerf war and truth or dare outside at nighttime with my brothers. Perfect. (One of the dares included running up and down the stairs 10 times....exhausting....)

Thanks for joining me! 


P.S. I have a special announcement coming up soon involving the happiest place on earth....

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  1. Oh so glad to see all the AMAZING things you got for your birthday.

    The books, gah the books! I wish I had ten brains so I could read more books at a time. Oh gosh, do you know I couldn't find the Alyss books?! WHAT THE FRACK!? I guess I will have to order from Amazon.

    And yay for paint! Can't wait to see what you create my love. I am super jealous of the mannequin. It goes with your room so amazingly with the zebra print, sooo pretty.

    I am happy to see all the loveliness you've had, you looked adorable in your pj's with your cake. That's the best way to be on your birthday.

  2. Haha, thanks Jenn! (I go for comfort over fashion most of the time....which is why much of my wardrobe consists of t-shirts. Oh well, I do have some fancy shirts, that I like to be dressed up in once in a while!) Funny thing is, I'll dress up for school and everything, but when I get home, I'm immediately out of those clothes and into something comfortable, like a t-shirt and pj shorts. Do you do that too?