Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Seamstresses {+ Cake}

Today was meant for cake, pastel frosting, edible pearls, and happiness. For just letting our souls heal, stitch themselves back together with the help of our mothers. Getting cozy around a table covered in lace and petit gateaus. 

With a lovely story--Alice and Wonderland, to be precise--lounging by the teapot and cakes, which are protected from sugar-addicted children by their glass domes. (Purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday, I might add :)

Little white pearls and candy colored sprinkles decorate a tiny vanilla cake, covered in cream cheese frosting. 

Simply oozing with globs of frosting. (I don't know about you, but my favorite kind of cake involves a large frosting to cake ratio.)

And then there's that other cake, the one with only small white pearls to decorate the surface. In a smaller cake dome, begging to be devoured....

Looking delightful atop a tall, scalloped cake stand, with a teeny dome for protection.

Mouth watering.....don't know how much longer I can stand this.....

And, for the most important cake of all, the Mother's Day Cake! I pretty much spent all day in the kitchen, baking, whipping up frosting, tasting, adding more cream cheese....then tinting the frosting and finally piping the little pink roses around the edges of the cake, as well as the letters across the surface of the cake. It's not store-ready-professional, but there is something about that homemade, not perfectly frosted look that somehow adds so much more depth and meaning to the cake. It's special because it is made with love from me to my mother. Plus, pastels are always comforting. 

The cake is a chocolate fudge cake (my mom's favorite) and the frosting is vanilla cream cheese. I just used the box cake at the store because I really don't see the point in making EVERYTHING from scratch. But I do like making my frosting from scratch because I like being able to taste it as I go and make sure everything is perfect about it. Plus, I wanted to pipe it on specially for the occasion.

It's not the most beautiful cake in the world, but hey, as long as it tastes good, I've won half the battle, right?

Can I please just dig in already??

Like I said before, some days are for cake, for repairing and resting the soul. And embellishing with some buttons is just a cherry on top. Isn't decorating the best part?

I wrote my mom a little poem. I titled it "Patchwork", to let her know that she mends my soul, sewing me back together every time something goes wrong. She is the anchor in our family, the person to keep us all going. And for that, I am truly grateful to her. Happy Mother's Day to all! And I hope that everyone treated their mothers well, and that you all enjoyed a cake-filled day. 

Today, we are all soul-mending seamstresses, sewing each other back together just by being in each other's company. Select your favorite button from the bowl of buttons, and embellish your freshly stitched seam. 



  1. A Lovely post - I'm sure your mother was thrilled with her gifts.


  2. Oh you are too buttercream frosting wonderful! I think your cakes are merveilleux. You make them really pretty with the creamy colours and pearls and loveliness. I love the pastels. I am certain your mom was very pleased, I certainly would be if I walked in on a bakery!

  3. Thanks so much Jenn! And you wanna know something sad? I was baking so much yesterday that my right arm is sore from using the electric mixer. HOW LAME! I am such a wimp!

  4. Stopping by to tell you I love the new blog layout! And that my internet is STILL all screwy (don't I just have the worst internet issues in the world, grrr). So I want to watch your video but can't load youtube, nor can my emails load. It took ages to read what you sent me. The man is coming tomorrow though :) Sorry I just rambled on for ages about my internet hahaha.