Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Magic of Rain

Oh do click play :) This song just fits my mood so completely. 

(I love Anastasia. She may just be my favorite princess....and I know, she isn't Disney, gasp!)

What is it about rainy days that so enchants me? 

Is it the cloudy skies, the cool pitter-patter of the drops as they drum their fingers along the roof of my room, a constant rhythm that I listen to while I cozy into my little nook and read a good book? (At the moment, that book happens to be The Forgotten Garden, which is super good so far :). 

The sunset is just beginning to shine through the dark, delicious cover of clouds that have encircled me for the past few days, a few streaks of cotton candy pink mingling with orange.

And, of course, a nice gray sky.

Why are rainy days so magical? Perhaps it's that for me, they are so few and far between. So when I do encounter a nice rainy day, it is certainly something to be savored. 

These days fuel my imagination. I can imagine myself a fluttering creature, perching myself on one of the pink blooms on the fairy tree...

I can imagine myself dancing the Entwine with a very special gentleman....



Twirling just out of reach of my partner as he tries to capture me....

And, like any true gentleman, letting me win :)


For that is how the game is played :)

I stare in the mirror and imagine....

.....myself as a dancer, a ballerina.....I can almost remember myself dancing the Entwine, long ago....once upon a December :)

Lovely little rainy day....staying up late, dancing in memories, dreams exploding with wishes....those are my favorite days.

What are yours?

Love, J

P.S. This is just so graceful and elegant....I had to share :)


  1. Such a uplifting was lovely to accompany you through it...

  2. Why thank you Chrisy! I had hoped to kind of share the enchantment of the rain with everyone :) Glad you enjoyed :)

  3. Dear Jessie,
    What a lovely post! And i must say, I whole heartedly agree with you about the beauty of rain! We so rarely get to enjoy it that it makes the experience.that much better. And i love the pictures you took!

    Well, i am in Spanish class right now so i must go! Have fun studying for AP world! :)


  4. Oh Jessica!

    First of all, your blog looks INCREDIBLE. Like, IN-FLIPPING-CREDIBLE!

    Second of all: sorry... SORRY! And sorry! I miss you tons and I hate being absent from your magical little world!

    Third of all! Amazing post! AMAZING! I love your banner. I know I said that in the first bit but it's true! It's looks incredible! And that song goes so amazingly with this post! You know what you remind me of? A princess. Who dances. Perhaps a dancing princess?

    You look SOOOO beautiful. I am going to the bookstore ASAP by the way. I need to get this book! NEED IT!

    I am also thrilled you got rain. So inspiring and refreshing!