Thursday, March 22, 2012

Teatime Confections Beyond the Trees

There is a place, you see. A very magical place today to be. A sort of Woodland Fantasy :)

How do you get there, you say? Just follow me, I'll show you the way.

I woke from my alcove, yawning and stretching, ruffly nightgown rustling. 

I lifted my arm and there was the invitation! I had forgotten!

The Duchess's invitation! Her royal seal in the corner meant it was sure to be a magical party indeed.

I yawned and stretched, and jumped out of bed.

I must locate my very best frock for this occasion!

bed, bedroom, color, design, dreamy design, home 

With a little bed wedged into the woods and a castle not far in the distance...

Adventure afoot.

Through the sparkling woodland tunnel

Along this trail of soot....


That castle belongs to the Duchess, they say.

A place of mischief and play.

Especially on tea day!

castle, dress, dresses, fairytale, princess, 

Running through gardens, racing through leaves....


To an enchanted tea of confections, me sees?

Oh, that tiny one is for me!


My goodness, my dress just snagged! 

I suppose it should be expected, sitting on toadstools and all. 

Should I dig in?

How doth thou fare?

What's that in my hair?


 The Enchanted Tea is waiting for me...would you pass the sugar, please? :)

This has been fun! Oh yes indeed!

One more cake, I decree!


And perhaps a scone or three?

Northern California weddings, Central California Weddings 

What a magical time! How delightful! Thank you Duchess, and perhaps again soon?

I'll be waiting for you, in the woodland fantasy :)

Until next time, my dears.

P.S. Click on a picture to take you to the website I borrowed it from :)


  1. Beautiful! Lovely blog ~ I'm now following you!
    Anne ♥♥

  2. This is so magical Miss Jessica! I am in love with it, just utterly beautiful.

    I think, through the trees, in my silliest and most wonderful dreams, this is what I'd find:
    You, sitting with all our lovely bloggy friends, having a tea party dressed in the most extravagant and stupendous gowns imaginable. I'd join and we'd eat ALL THE MACARONS THAT EXIST! HAHA! And we wouldn't gain weight because in the dream world fattening things aren't fattening. They instead make you even lovelier!

  3. Jenn, my dear, that sounds like a truly wonderful dream indeed :) A most certainly agree!

    And Anne, dear, I am so glad that you have enjoyed yourself whilst visiting :) I curtsey to you in my poofy ball gown. (Virtually, of course :)

    xoxo Jess

  4. Whoops that should say "I most certainly agree!" Not A! My my one would think I am as mad as a hatter by reading that comment!

  5. Do you know where I can find that beautiful gray wedding dress? I am in love with it!