Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Welcome to the cupid fairy Valentine's tea party!

Care for a bit of tea? Pink tea, that is :)

Or perhaps a cherry almond ruffle cupcake? Help yourself!

Don't lacy tablecloths and pink cupcakes and pink tea just make you swoon? Oh, and love potions, of course :). How silly of me to forget! One little drop is all it takes....

What a lovely day for tea and cupcakes, I say! 

A sip for you, a nibble for me :)

I hope you are treating yourself well :) Valentine's day is all about loving--and that includes yourself! Tell your family how much they mean to you, tell yourself how amazing you are. This is the one day no one will think you're crazy if you tell yourself you're amazing!

Because it's true :)

Soft pinks and whites and vibrant reds--how do you celebrate Valentine's day? Chocolates are definitely important, yes yes, essential to the loviest doviest day of the year, Cupid says :)

Ooey and gooey carmelly, chocolatey goodness. So take this moment to make yourself a card. Make everyone in your family a card, for that matter! 

Ah, I'm afraid I must go--the cupids are trying to eat all the cupcakes, and I must snag one before they are gone!

Be my Valentine??

Have a wonderful, whimsical day. Watch a Disney movie. Eat chocolates to your heart's content. Make yourself a Valentine. Listen to Mindy Gledhill. Have some ice cream. Hug your family. Throw a tea party :)

(I suggest Winnie the Pooh Heffalump Movie or The Tigger Movie. Or Snow White or Beauty and the Beast. Have you seen Beauty and the Beast in 3D? Amazing!!!)

Have a super duper lovely delightful Valentine's day!

xoxo J

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  1. How on EARTH did you acquire pink tea Miss Jessica?! I am soooo jealous! Can you please share the secret of the pink tea! It looks beautiful. Like silk pouring into the cup.

    And your treats... well you've become quite the patisserie chef! I think you are truly meant for the culinary arts my dear. A business owner. A bakery owner?! I think it's in the cards for you lovee.

    I think I will be listening to Mindy Gledhill and creating tonight. Probably until 2 am! I am really excited about it as well. I will start at 9, that gives me 5 hours of marvellous creating time!

    And yes I did see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. So beautiful! And the colors. Sigh.. I love Disney.

    Have a beautiful night,