Saturday, February 18, 2012

Message in a Bottle--Treasure Hunt Part 1 {Updates below}

Today I looked forward to a delightful reading session. To just sit in my reading nook with my lovely dream-mobile hanging over my head as I dreamed the day away.

But upon entering my room, I spotted something unusual on my lace-covered side table, something that hadn't been there before.

Can you spot it?

Why yes, a tiny jar! And more than that--a tiny jar with a note inside of it. A note tied with pink ribbon.

Enchanted with wonder, I lifted the lid of the little jar...

The note was tied with such care, I wondered who had left it for me. I wondered who would take the time to leave me a mysterious message in a bottle.

So tiny it fit in the palm of my hand with ease, the little pink ribbon tied perfectly.

I pulled the ribbon open...

And read the little note, which had been folded and rolled up to fit inside the tiny bottle.

A wish ticket! Oh how my heart skipped a beat with delight! At the bottom of the note was a little hand-scrawled note that said: "Turn me over to begin your hunt. The clue to the treasure is not on my front!" Treasure?? What treasure? What was going on? Carefully, I turned the paper over in my hands....

I gasped out loud. A riddle! A puzzle of some sort...What did it mean? How could I guess what the clues described? For they are difficult indeed, if you'll just take a peek:

What you see on the surface
Is not always my purpose.

Touch my chilled skin
Ive trapped you within!

A cage for some,
A portal for others.
There is many a world left to uncover.

What am I?

Do you have any idea what the clue could be? I've pondered it for hours and still no luck. Something that is not always what it seems...something cold to the touch...but what was this business about having skin? Inanimate objects don't have skins. Maybe that was just a metaphor for the type of material it was made out of. Yes, that must be what it is. Hmm...something that can trap mentions a cage...that must be significant if it was mentioned twice..."A cage for some, a portal for others" it says. Something that allows you to go through it, into another world, perhaps? But what does it mean by a cage for some? It makes it sound like there are only a few people who can use this thing--whatever it is--as a portal of some sort. What is cold, traps you, can transport you, and takes you to another world? Another world....another...wait a second! I know!!! I've figured it out!!! It's-----


What do you think it is? I can't wait to find the next clue. I have a sneaking suspicion of where it could be....

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  1. Ok I don't know how good I am at all of your riddles lately. I am going to nickname you the Riddler. Haha! But I think I have the answer... is it water? Perhaps? I did not google it, this is from my own brain. And it might even be wrong.

    I love your stories Jess, they're always lovely to read to take me to a different world when I want to. I just hop on my broomstick over to your blog and you put a smile on my face girly :)

    Also, I could not help but be distracted by the beautiful things on your lace covered side table. A Slatkin candle of course, I already knew you had good taste. And your phone. That's my favorite. It goes with my new lamp :)

    I am really excited for part 2!