Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Cardlettes! + Pretty Jars and Reading Nook Dream-mobiles!

The day of love approaches! I know that you must be just as excited as I am for the loviest-doviest day of the year, so I created these little cardlettes for you to enjoy.

I do hope you like them! Feel free to copy and paste them where ever you'd like! And check in on Valentine's day for a lovely little surprise :) Jiminiy Cricket! Is that tomorrow? I can't believe how quickly the time has gone! Valentine's day is tomorrow! Wow! I would certainly like to celebrate with a little love. What about you?

Also, after a little escapade to Homegoods with my friend and my mom (they sell all kinds of things--trinkets, candles, furniture (antique-y kind of furniture), tea pots and jars, all kinds of things!) we purchased a little double scented jar set that was on sale. (You know when you're waiting in line to purchase your item? Well, at Homegoods, you have to walk through a long isle of temptations--and that always kills me. It's a death trap, I say! We hadn't planned on buying one thing and when we passed by that little isle....we come out with this double jar set!)

Anyway, I wasn't able to photograph the jar that my friend decided on, but here is the one I chose :)

I really liked the sun on top--and the beads smell absolutely lovely. Like pearly-rose clean. Amazing! The sun reminds me of Rapunzel from Tangled :)

The jar to your left contains pink pixie dust from a honeysuckle fairy, which I gathered up on a honeycomb. They smell just like honeysuckle, so good! The center jar contains moonbeads, which fall from the sky upon the night of the full moon. And the jar on the right holds shadow pebbles, which make you blend into your shadow and disappear until the effects wear off. Careful though--they can have some unpleasant side-effects if you take too much at once. Like nausea and disappearance of shadow for a little while. 

Guess what? Last week I was feeling in the creative mood. And when I saw this post from Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist, I just had to make one of my own! Except I did mine a little bit different than her tutorial suggests. I didn't have any wood pieces lying around, so I bent an old hanger into a circular shape and wrapped it in some old tulle we had lying around. (Because I just know that everyone has tulle lying around!)

Instead of a woodland chandelier, as Vanessa's was, mine is more like a dream-mobile, which I hung above my reading nook because a.) I thought it made it look cozier and b.) there was already a hole in the ceiling from when I had a canopy bed over there (that was before my room got redone) so it was the perfect location. Funny how these things work out!

After I had wrapped the hanger in tulle, I tied four pieces of white ribbon on the four sides of the circle and then tied them together at the top with yet another ribbon. All of these pieces were old scraps from Halloween costumes that we had just never had the need to use. Well, lucky for me, I had found a purpose for them after all! 

Then I just tied on things that made me happy. Like my stars and moon garland (also one of Vanessa's creations--here is her tutorial)

I also tied on my cupcake ornaments and my Yule ball ornament, which I just couldn't bare to put away with all of the other Christmas decorations. Here is the perfect place for it! 

There is so much creative space for these chandeliers/dream-mobiles, as mine has become, that you can really do anything you wish! You can tie on little pieces of ribbon and fabric all around the chandelier, or drape some fairy lights or little light up lanterns around it....come to thin of it, that would make for a good chandelier :) Haha!

Have a wonderful day and a great Valentines Day! Remember to check in for a lovely surprise :)
 P.S. Here's a hint...

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  1. Whew, finally I've gotten here! It has taken me a few days, but I am here and couldn't be happier. I've been doing the blog rounds and couldn't wait to get to yours!!! I knew this post was up, but my commenting was elusive hee hee. Sorry, I know I make NO sense sometimes.

    But your Valentine's day cards are SO flipping cute! The gingerbread house (a little Hansel and Gretel inspired perhaps?) and cupcakes!!! LOVELY!

    I adore your little scented jar. It's really pretty. It looks sooo much like the symbol from Tangled, that's so cool! And all of your beautiful jars filled with magical things :)

    I'll be popping over to today's post in a few minutes. I am SOOO excited to see what you cooked up!