Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Of Whipped Cream, Jewelry Boxes, Fairies, and Being a Silly Bear

Have you ever felt like whipped cream?

Found here

Yep, that pretty much sums me up right now :) 

I have just completed one of my most stressful finals (my French oral and written test) today and feel light and airy, like the delicious treat shown above. After this week, life will have about five cherries on top, trust me :)

To add to that lightness, I get to come home to....THIS every day! 


Yes, after venturing to about twenty different stores, my mom and I found the perfect jewelry box for me :) My mom even paid for it because she said it would replace the cabinet I got for my birthday which I had been using to store my jewelry as of late. So it was like a reallllllly late birthday present :) (I was born in May).

Also, if you are interested in extremely cute boxes, tins, birdcages, or candle holders, visit Michaels. They have some amazing merchandise right now that I will be purchasing this weekend, hopefully. :)

To celebrate my semi-freedom (I suppose I shouldn't get too excited--I still have my multiple choice French final tomorrow, and following that my English and Math finals and then Chemistry) but I just can't help feeling as though a gigantic weight has been lifted from my shoulders. 


What about you? How has your life been lately? Oh please, do share, hunny bears!

Here's a picture and that will hopefully put a smile on your face as you continue your day :)

Found here

From one silly hunny bear to another,
xoxo Jess

P.S. What is your favorite character from Winnie the Pooh?

P.S.S. Remember that quest I am on to find Tinkerbell and get to Neverland? Well, I found something that proves to be quite helpful.

It's a book all about fairies. It says that fairies like jam and little gifts.

I think my best shot at finding Tinkerbell would be on Midsummer's Eve. But that seems so far away now...June 23rd. (NOTE: Jenn, if you are reading this, June 23rd could be a potential date for our potential Neverland Party...just throwing that out there :)

A fairy wing sample. That could be helpful in my quest.

Well, wish me luck on that front :) Now, I think I shall have to take a break from having a break to eat a piece of the berry tart that I made last night :)


  1. Dear Miss Jessica,

    I kniw excatly how you feel about finals, it will definatley be a load off when this week is over! Hopefully we can go to Michaels together soon? :)

    That jewelry box is gorgeous! I hope to get one someday, but first I need to finifh repaying my dad...

    Well, hopefully we can see eachother soon, and count me in for the neverland party in June! We need to remake those ruffle cakes ASAP! (but with a little less frosting.. :)

    xoxo, Ariel

    PS. My fave Winnie the Pooh character was always Tiger, he was always so happy!


  2. Lovely Jessica,
    FAIRYOPOLIS!!!! I adore that book!!! I laid out a quilt on the grass this past Summer and read it from cover to cover. What a blissful day that was :) I am so so pleased that you feel like whipped cream. I think I feel about the opposite right now... sort of like something super chewy and sour... I don't know what that would translate as in food terms but it's nothing good HAHHA.

    What a beautiful jewelry box! I really love when everything is organized so neatly. It looks lovely. I must wonder what that pink flower thing in front of the jewelry box is though? It caught my eye and I couldn't help but ask.

    I think June 23rd is a brilliant day for a Neverland party! Though we must be careful as I am uncertain when the Mad Tea Party will be so we must not do it within a couple of weeks of that. Sometimes Vanessa does it in May, and sometimes she has done it in June I believe. But a Midsummer party is phenomenal! I think Midsummer is on a different day every year, between the 21st and 23rd, so we will have to check up on that. Have you ever seen/read A Midsummer Night's Dream? It's my favourite of Shakespeare's plays. Because of the fairies of course. And the magical forest :)

    I think my favourite is Eeyore. I believe it's because people always say my brother reminds them of Eeyore (an odd comment but I think I understand). He lives in Toronto, about 5 hours away so I miss him dearly. We have a little plush Eeyore he bought us and it reminds us of him (my mumsy and I).

    Hope the rest of your finals go brilliantly. I am certain they will, you've got too much Hermione in you for them not to.

    Lots of love,

  3. Hey Jess,
    Just popped in to check out the new blog layout, I am in love!!!! It looks super duper professional! You're really brilliant :) The new header is so lovely!!! I really really love what you have done, AWESOME work!


    P.S. I will email you back in a few minutes. I had a really crazy night so I will tell you about it in the email.