Saturday, January 14, 2012

Off to Neverland! {Reading Adventures}

Will you come on an adventure with me?

Found here

Looks spectacular, doesn't it? 

I don't know about you, but I really want to find a way to get Neverland...

And there is a way. A very special way through imagination and the words on a page...

So visit your nearest library (or your newly reorganized booshelf) and snuggle into your very special reading nook with your book of choice and a few friends to share the story ( in this case, Prince Eeyore and Toodles). 

And read.

Remember that book I told you about in the last post that I ordered? Well, I started reading it and it's very good and humerus so far, I definitely suggest it :)

Suddenly, I felt myself being transported....

Through stars and clouds...

To Neverland...

Where there is only imagination and you.

During that time, when I was absorbed in those pages and my mind immersed in the story of Kate, Michael, and Emma, unaware of anything, I was in my own world with the three beloved characters of the novel.

Would anyone like some bliss? 'Cause I've got plenty :)

And I glanced at my dresser and noticed something out of place. Can you spot it?

Here's a closer look.

With trembling hands, I picked up the scroll, which had so suddenly appeared on my dresser, and untied the ribbon.

(I tied the ribbon in my hair to keep it off of my face) Then I opened the piece of paper to reveal...

A treasure map and...a little heart shaped box.

I peeked inside the box...

To find a folded note and a shiny key.


This key unlocks the cage of a very reluctant pixie who will help you on your journey. 

(Be careful of hershe becomes dreadfully jealous!)

          And do say hello to Peter for me, should you see him! Its been so will need

 the fairy for her dust so you can fly. Otherwise you shall never reach Neverland! Her cage is

 on the mapyou will have to find it from there. Search for the second star on the right 

after you have Tinkerbell. Good luck!

With love,


I stared at the words, dumbstruck, and a smile crept into my face. I took a good look at the key....

And swooned. Well, if I was going to Neverland, I had better get something appropriate on! So I threw on a frock...

I am ready to fly! Now about finding Tinkerbell...

Any ideas? I'm lost...

Follow the map, you say?

Well, that's easier said than done.

Wish me luck on this daring voyage!

You see, my friends? I love reading! I was able to find a treasure map to Tinkerbell, ultimately leading me to Neverland...all because of books. 

Imagination. That is the key. (Teehee--that pun was unintended.)

I have tried my hand at drawing lately...I love drawing Disney characters. They are my favorite :)  I am still learning, but hopefully with time, I will improve.

Wish me luck on my next drawing escapade!

I guess the purpose of this post is to encourage you find your Neverland through imagination and reading. So, grab your favorite reading buddy and head off to your cozy reading nook and open a book and fly away! Tinkerbell's only around Mermaid Cove and with your special key, anything is possible :)

Also, congratulations to Jenn and Mr. G from Broomsticks and Lace for winning the A Fanciful Twist elfin giveaway from Vanessa! Willa has found a very good home :)

Elfie 1
Found here

Your dream boat is here to take you to the second star on the right! Enjoy your trip!

Tell me all about your adventures when you get back, won't you darlings?

Found here

Toodles and ta-s,


P.S. What wouldn't I give to live in these wonderfully Simply Shabby Chic themed rooms...sigh. Swoon.

Found here

Found here

Found here

Found here

Found here

Found here

Found here

P.S.S. Which would you rather visit? Neverland or Wonderland? 

P.S.S.S. What book are you reading right now? Oh please, do share, silly bears!

P.S.S.S.S. (Listening to Disney songs right now...) I have been listening to a lot of Mindy Gledhill lately. Her button and a link to her blog is on my sidebar. I especially enjoy Hourglass, (Neverland and Peter Pan reference in that song, yay!) Anchor, Feather in the Wind, Whole Wide World, All the Pennies, Crazy Love, Winter Moon...all of them, really! What about you? What are your favorite songs?



    My goodness I feel like I have so much to say. Firstly, I love the wee blog makeover you've done. Gorgeous :). And I noticed the Elle and Blair link in the side bar. I have been watching them for years! Aside from art blogs, beauty blogs are probably my most read kind!

    Your bookshelf looks dreamy. Just the sight of a beautiful, well stocked bookshelf makes my heart pitter patter with anticipation of all the adventures found there. My big old bookshelf... well I've taken to calling it my library. My dressing room used to be my library but I concluded that I had much more of a need for clothing and makeup storage than book storage.

    I'm so pleased you've been immersing yourself in stories. Just pure bliss :) The odd thing... after your post on your book club I ordered Peter Pan from Amazon and have been reading it. You inspired me :) And then all out of the blue, you seem to have been transported to Neverland yourself! I think you and I might have a slight psychic connection... HA!
    I wish you luck on your journey, you look lovely for it! You look quite like Wendy yourself ;)

    HOLY MOLY WHAT LOVELY DRAWINGS!!!! Seriously, I can't believe it! They're incredible! I took upon the task of drawing all the Disney princesses last year... I never did finish.

    Thanks for the congratulations on winning wee Willa. Everyone's homes seemed so lovely and they were all so eager to welcome her into their lives... I must admit I felt a wee bit of guilt. But I can only do my best to keep everyone updated on her life with me :)

    I think if I could choose, I'd definitely visit Neverland. That's a really hard choice though Miss J!!! I think that that Mad Hatter would get on my nerves after a while... HAHA not really!!! But there's just something about never growing up and mermaids that intrigue me too too much.

    I can't believe you listen to Mindy Gledhill too!!! SHE'S ONE OF MY FAVOURITES!!!! My favourite by her is probably All About Your Heart. It just cheers me up :) My favourite songs lately have been by Hayley Westenra. She's a New Zealander and sings classical crossover music. She's got the purest, most loveliest voice imaginable. Check out her singing Songbird on youtube. It's just dreamy.

    Hope your weekend has been lovely,

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! A Neverland party is the most genius idea I have ever heard!!! My email is in the sidebar of my blog, send me an email and we will talk more about this. It is the best idea ever, seriously!

  3. ooh jessica!
    your newest post was so exciting to read!! Love the new blog makeover, it looks fantastic!

    I am so glad you found a new book to enjoy, you will have to keep us updated! And those drawings! I knew you had talent, but those are beyond what I imagined!

    Also, I am loving the stories that you come up with, all the little adventures you share with us! It has even inspired me on my own blog :)

    Currently I am reading Rumors, one of the Luxe series, and it is so enthralling! And I noticed the Elle and Blair link, so glad I was able to introduce you to them! :) Zthey have really helped me out in the beauty department. wink wink ;)

    Well, given the chioce, i would choose neverland, because of the mermaids!! duh. i mean, my name is Ariel!

    Well, miss Jess, thanks for the lovely post, it certainly brightned my day, and if you read this whole comment, then i congratulate you, because it was very long indeed! have a good day, and hopefully we can make those tarts soon!

    xoxo, Ariel