Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baking + Fairy Tales + A Valentine Treat + Favorite Fragrances! (Not Particularly in that Order :)

Do you have a special sanctuary where you can just disappear and rejuvenate? For me, my room is that place. I have all of my special little friends (my stuffed animals) to talk to, and they are very good pals. I think it is so important to have a place where you can just unwind and relax, and allow your imagination to run free.

When I am in my space, I am so happy. A lot of the time, that's where my creative process takes place. It is where I draw inspiration from my surroundings. It is where I came up with the idea for my Valentine card. I know Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist does them quite a lot, and I thought it might be fun to do one myself. So I did!

Feel free to copy and paste this card to a Word document or anywhere you'd like and embellish it, cut it up, or just leave it as is. I recommend printing it on cardstock or another hard paper, but you can do it anywhere you'd like :) And you can write your message on the back :)

I love the vintage Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and I am also a HUGE fan of Disney. (We're talking biggest fan EVER!) So I thought it would we really neat if I did a card reflecting those interests and shared it with everyone. Hope you guys enjoy!

When I visited A Fanciful Twist today, I read Vanessa's newest post and watched the clip of Hansel and Gretel the movie at the end. Well, I hadn't planned on it, but I ended up watching the whole movie, and I have decided that I will watch a new fairy tale every weekend. It can be a little weekly tradition! (Until I run out, that is--then I will have a problem!) Which reminds me! Once Upon a Time is on tonight! If you haven't watched that show on ABC, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?? It is amazing :)

Well, after I watched Hansel and Gretel (and started salivating at the sight of Vanessa's fairy tale cake...)

Cake 2a

.....I was inspired to bake. My treats aren't surrounded by the beautiful decor Vanessa has, but they are scrumptious nevertheless.

Mini chocolate chip muffins! Yumm :)

I would also like to share another part of my day with you: I have been very into makeup and fashion lately (I discovered a new way to apply mascara that makes your lashes look thicker!) and I love watching Emma Watson (she plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, just in case you didn't know) in her fashion shoots, particularly Elle UK magazine. Well, Emma's newest shoot was amazing--really fun and young and colorful--and I stumbled onto a video from one of the makeup artists working with Emma. She has a blog and I was exploring it--it's amazing! She has many tutorials on makeup and she explains what it was like to work with Emma on the Elle photoshoot. Here is a link to her blog. Also, Emma's Elle photoshoot can be found here-- the behind the scenes video is at the end :) I hope you enjoy! She is my favorite actress and I really admire her fashion sense.

If you go to her website, you can find a trailer for the new scent by Lancome (please assume that the accent is on there) called Tresor Midnight Rose (again, the accent is invisible :) which I just got for Christmas. If you are a little hesitant about trying it out, don't be!! It is a great perfume that's a little heavier but not too flowery or anything--it's not the kind that will give you a headache after one squirt. It's a little spicy and deep--very sophisticated. Plus, it comes is a super adorable bottle! There is a link to Emma's website on my sidebar where you can find the trailer and the behind the scenes making of the trailer for the perfume.

Found here

I am wearing it now, as a matter of fact. Just the name of the perfume is intriguing--midnight roses must be beautiful :)

It's funny....I had planned a totally different post for today but then things just happened and...well, I guess Fate just had a different plan for me! Haha who is your favorite actress/celebrity? 

And what are you planning on doing for Valentine's day? I would love to know :) How do you celebrate?


xoxo Jess

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  1. Hello lovely you!
    You are soooo adorable with your sweet bear! It is wonderful that you have such a beautiful retreat from the outside world. I think that's what a home should be. A sanctuary from everything external (unless you choose to allow it in!)

    I can NOT believe you drew Mickey and Minnie yourself! They're beautiful! I especially love the writing, "Dear Minnie, Love Mickey" SO CUTE!

    I too was intrigued by the Hansel and Gretel movie Vanessa posted, I think I will watch it right now actually after I finish typing this. Did you know that there are a whole bunch of those Cannon fairy tale movies that were made in the 80's? And I think pretty much all are on youtube if you search. So there will be no shortage of fairy tales for your new weekly tradition. I think I may have to start this tradition as well! How could that house and all of those treats NOT make you want to bake or even eat baked goods! YUM! Chocolate chip muffins!

    Hey, would you care to share how to make your eyelashes look thicker? I am dying to know! I love beauty and fashion as well! I had originally planned for my blog to be a fashion blog but it took another turn altogether, and I never felt like taking pictures of my outfits.

    Emma is SO pretty isn't she? I haven't smelled the Tresor Midnight Rose but I have the Tresor In Love perfume. I must be honest, I buy most perfumes based on the ads. But I think that's part of the whole perfume experience. The ad, the personality, the character you take on when you wear it. I own way too many fragrances because of this...

    I'd have to say if I had one favorite actress who I think is soooo beautiful it's Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. I love red hair! It's beautiful! And so is she!

    J'espere que vous avez une belle soire.


    (If you understand that, I am impressed with votre Francais!)