Saturday, December 24, 2011

It is Christmas Eve, and All Through the House, the Sugarplum Fairies Dance About...

What is it about Christmas that is so exciting? It is almost as though there is a magical quality to the air...I can almost see the sugarplums flitting in and out of sight. I try to catch a glimpse of them, but alas, they slip beyond view before I have the chance.

The magic of Christmas is inside there...should I release it? I can feel the air in the room turn thick with anticipation. 

And so...I have done it! Santa Claus is headed your way :)

Can you feel that magical gust rush over you and take you to a Winter Wonderland?

I certainly can :)

We just finished our annual PJ opening and I am all snuggled up in my new pajamas and slippers. I would take a picture, but I just don't have the energy to get up and find the camera and go through the uploading process...perhaps I should be on the naughty list after all? :)

I just wanted to pop in one last time for Christmas Eve and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Jolly Holiday and Happy New Year! I hope that tomorrow is the most amazing, magical day you have ever experienced. And how can it not be? I have released Jack Frost's holiday magic, after all. And with the sugarplums giggling in the background, is quite difficult to keep this grin off my face for long :)

All I wish to say is this: be good to your families, enjoy the Christmas holidays, and radiate love to everyone you encounter. (I don't know about you, but the only people I'm going to encounter tomorrow is my family, because we are not going to leave our pajamas or the house all day tomorrow.) 

Oh, the stories I could share about Christmas traditions...what are some of yours? We always do PJs and Santa cookies on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas, my brothers and I wake up really early and scope out the array of brightly wrapped parcels downstairs around the Christmas tree and eat the candy from our stockings :). Then, after a million years, our parents finally get up and get their coffee and their camera and get the bread baking...well, I plan to take care of that for them this year, trust me :) It's the Duchess's gingerbread again! Seriously, you need to try this stuff!

I'll share my secrets after Christmas, when I have the time and energy to grab the camera. Seriously folks, I am pure rotten!

Well, I am being forced to get up and help with the Santa cookie baking :) 

Haha have a lovely and wonderful Christmas everyone! 


P.S. So much to share after Christmas...Remind me to tell you about my journal and the sugar cookies and the wish tickets....:) (Vanessa's doing, of course, from A Fanciful Twist.)


  1. Merry Christmas Jessica!

    I am a couple of days late, but this year for some reason I am STILL in the Christmas spirit and it's the 27th. I hope this feeling lasts :) Because they say it's the feeling in your heart that Christmas has that should be celebrated, and that's something that should be there all year anyway. A feeling of love, magic, possibilities, and coziness.

    I am glad you got to stay in your pj's all day! Christmas SHOULD be low key and relaxing. I just want to thank you for all your super kind comments and blogging friendship through the past couple of months. It's so lovely to enter the blogging world to such positivity and lovely people. I always count on your sweetness to brighten my day :) Your blog posts are lovely and whimsical and a delight to read. Keep blogging! The world needs more light-filled people like you.

    Lots of love,

  2. I know it's a little late but it's still December so it's still Christmas right?

    Anyway just to wish you a very merry Christmas.

    R x