Friday, December 30, 2011

A Magical and Whimsical Christmas

Have you ever made a wish?

Wish Ticket

I have :) I've made so many wishes that I can't count them all. I love the idea of sending your wish out into the world and possibly having it come true. It reminds me of Cinderella, dreaming and wishing and always keeping those inspirations and ideas alive inside us. And even if the wishes don't come true, half the fun is the dreaming itself...

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But even better than releasing your own wishes and dreams is giving others the ability to do the same. That's what my friend over at The Whimsical Journey and I did together one day.

We wanted to spread the Christmas joy and the whimsy of life. We wanted someone to wake up and find the wish tickets that we had distributed to them on their car door handles or front door handles and have their day be brightened by that small gesture of delight and whimsy. 

What could be better than giving that anonymous idea of imagination and childish simplicity that inspires the mind to be better and more magical?

Cinderella approves :)

(Those wish tickets are available on A Fanciful Twist from Vanessa for you to print out and give to someone else to inspire them and make their day more magical. We even wrote our own messages on the back to personalize them :)

I find that writing down my ideas and wishes and dreams for the future helps me realize that they are actually a possibility. 

This journal is my favorite. I love the lace and ribbon that binds the journal and the vintage French look of the journal. It is my favorite style :)

I even taped my own wish ticket on the front page to remind me to keep my dreams and wishes alive :)

All of my dreams and expectations for Christmas were fulfilled. What a wonderful affair. How about you?

All of the presents I received are below:

This book is great! It is a puzzle book to exercise the brain.
And a key necklace to match the needs of my skeleton key obsession lately? Perfection!

My darling mother bought me three charms for my charm bracelet from Brighton. A ballet slipper charm, a key charm, and a carriage. 

And a key bookmark! One of my favorite things is the Hermione Granger artifact box...

I also got some Lancome (please assume that the accent is above the "o") products, including the Tresor Midnight rose perfume scent.

And...A Horcrux! You Harry Potter fans out there will know why I am so thrilled to pieces :)

More Lancome products! This was actually a free sample from Macy's.

And comfy bedroom slippers that I still haven't taken off :)

A lovely white board for my room and a Starbucks bear to add to my collection!

I am so entirely grateful to my parents for giving me all of these wonderful things. I know that people say that giving is more rewarding than receiving but I'll let you in on a little secret: receiving is just as fun :)
In addition to a flurry of parcels and packages and gifts, kitty play was taking place :)

They love being under the Christmas tree and with their new catnip toys, they were pouncing all over the place.

A midst a flurry of fur, pouncing and playing, Pogo and Smudge (Pogo is the kitty above and Smudge is the gray one--surprisingly they are brothers!) got tired. Silly kitties :)

So all in all, friends, keep dreaming and wishing and spread the whimsy and magic of life. And above all, enjoy the simple things in life, like the fluffy and adorable joy of being with your kitties or puppies and spending time with your family. Be grateful for everything you do have, and let your dreams fly.

Ta ta for now!

xoxo Jess

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  1. ooh sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! I loved that you provided pictures of all your gifts, and that you shared the story of our wish ticket rondevoux!(not sure that is spelled right...)

    Your posts bring such joy to me, as all of your pleasant personality is poured into them! Really, I am so lucky to have a friend like you! See you on Tuesday!

    A Whimsical Journey

  2. ps. I might get a portable, electric fireplace for my room! I will keep you posted...

  3. Ooh so awesome!!!! A fireplace sounds AMAZING!!!!! I am glad that you liked the post--(I spent about an hour doing it--got sort of carried away :)

    Thanks for checking in :) You are an amazing friend, not to mention you're pretty much one of the only people (besides Jenn and a couple other fabulous people who check in frequently) who visits my little world :) Hopefully you enjoy your time here!

    See you Tuesday! (our homework letter shall be distributed, trust me.)

    Ta ta for now!

  4. Hey Jessica!
    Awww I just read your above comment and it made me smile because you mentioned me hee hee. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Your gifts look so wonderful. The Hermione artifact box is something I have eyed for years. You lucky girl! And such cute whimsical things too, a flipping horcrux?! That's stupendous! Marvolo Gaunt's ring to boot! Your slipper remind me of candy canes :)

    Oh I almost forgot that I saw mint chocolate kisses at Wal Mart the other day and instantly thought of you! HAHA! I suppose they aren't as sneakily hidden as we thought.

    Well, ta ta, I am off to watch Winnie the Pooh (the sight of the dvd in your gift pile reminded me of the wonderfulness that is the Hundred Acre Wood).

    Lots of love to you and your little fur babies,