Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Carnival Approaches....

For those of you participating in Frosted Petunia's Le Mysterieux Carnivale.....


I was gathering inspiration for the party through Pintrest, and here are some of the pictures I found.

This just makes me swoon. What could be better? A table full of pumpkins really hits the spot.


And perhaps a little pumpkin pie granola for your troubles?

Pumpkin Pie Granola Pumpkin Pie Granola

And while you're at it....just plunge, okay?


real pumpkin Pumpkin Pie

Out for a carriage ride, on a lovely, yellow autumn day.


The perfect accessory on your walk through the park.


And how about going outside to this sight every day? HEAVEN!


Or a little backyard patio setting?

outdoor dining during the fall, LOVE!

I love this. That's all.

Halloween fun

One of the greatest parts of autumn is not only the bursts of color that pop up among nature--it's also the coziness that the season brings, the anticipation for the holiday season mounting as the leaves change.


Coffee, knitted things....Perfect, if you ask me.

Wool socks

This makes me think, "Everything will be okay." No matter what.


This makes me smile.

witchy kitty

As does this.


Nothings is better than pumpkins and a chalk board :)

From Christie Thomas in Rock Hill, South Carolina

I just love all of these warm fall colors, don't you? The browns, the deep reds, the oranges, the whites and blacks and yellows. The earthiness.

Woolen socks.
Knitted scarves.
Witch's hats.
Changing leaves
Hot cocoa
Pumpkin pie
^ ~ ^

I cannot get over it. 

I can never get enough.

Pumpkins in the shrubs.

love this!!!

A darkening wood, welcoming Hallow's Eve.


Lovely creative!


The arts and crafts have come upon me!

I will be decorating like a mad woman with the only person who understands the magic of all of this madness this weekend, when we prepare for the carnival. 

Inspiration, you ask?

A Fanciful Twist, to the rescue!

Here are some of the great Halloween crafts and goodies that Vanessa posted throughout the years.

(Picture found here)

A Free Halloween Card

And how can you say no to a wickedly wonderful spider web?
(Picture from here

Paper spider web 1

(Picture found here)

Ghosties 5

I know I am borrowing my pictures this time around, but that is just because I wanted to share some of my inspiration. I will be taking plenty of pictures of my own soon enough, don't worry :)

Or perhaps you are more interested in A Fanciful Twist's Halloween cupcake toppers?
(Found here)

Pinned Image

It is so strange to think that just last year, at this same time, I joined the blogosphere myself and am now almost at my 100th post. How time flies, let me tell ya....

Anyway, goodbye for now, friends! I will return shortly with a carnival party post for Frosted Petunia's Le Mysterieux Carnivale!!!!!


  1. I am so excited to see what you come up with for your Carnivale! Ouu la la! You love October for all the reasons I do. I am so in love with that girl's scarf and sweater! It's so pretty! I love knitted things. I'm so excited for it to be cold enough to wear them more. It's still in the low 70s here. Indian Summer I suppose. That kitten is the absolute cutest. We have so many fake plastic pumpkins we bring out year after year, but really, the happiest thing is the REAL pumpkins. My mom brought one home from the grocery store the other day and I was thrilled. Thanksgiving is on Monday for Canadians, I am so excited for that as well! Oh those foooooods.

  2. Love your blog and love those socks too. So nice to meet you. I had a fun time visiting you. Hope you can come over and visit me too. Have a great weekend,
    Janet's Creative Pillows