Saturday, October 6, 2012

Le Mysterieux Carnivale: Fortune Teller

Please, do come in.

That will be one Cinderella pumpkin, please...

Thank you for your payment.

Now, which reading would you like again?

Madame Katrina offers Palms, Tea Leaves, Crystal Balls, or Tarot.....


Ah, let's take a look at your palms, shall we?

You have many small lines all over your palm. That indicates a refined and sensitive nature. You are a person who is sometimes unsure of yourself and who you are inside. Those broken line markings mean you are high strung--you lead a life filled with drama. You often procrastinate, leaving decisions to the end, where tensions build.

You have very few lines on your palm. You are a withdrawn person--someone who is quiet, with a cautious temper. You don't care much for crowds, and are quite independent.

A few strong lines indicates an earthy person--someone who enjoys the outdoors and fixing things. You are focused and direct, and quite sure of yourself.


Allow me to gather your tea and teacup.

It's cinnamon chai--I think you will find it quite nice.

Finish drinking that up, and we will take a peek at the contents.

Ah, the dregs can be seen quite nicely.

Now, peer into your cup, and tell me what you see.


Ask me a question, any question, I will answer....

(Leave your question in the comments below, and I will respond. You must keep checking the comments section OF THIS BLOG if you would like to see my response, however. I am a very busy woman, and do not have time to go hopping from blog to blog searching for you. Everything will be done in the comments section of this blog.)


Choose six cards from the deck.


Thank you ever so much for joining me for fortune telling here at Le Mysterieux Carnivale.

I hope your future is appealing, and if not, well...I am only here to tell fortunes, I am not a miracle worker....though I hear Madame Hazel a few booths down can help with that.

Also, one last reminder: if you would like me to tell your crystal ball fortune, you MUST leave your question in the comments below. I will respond in the comments below, so make sure to come back and check to see what your future holds.

That is all.

Madame Katrina


  1. Such a great post - I loved every minute of it. Hope you can stop by my party.
    My question is: should I turn my cookie making into a business?

    1. Yes. I have seen the greatness of your sweets, and the joy they bring to people. You would only be doing the world a favor by creating a bakery that shares the love you put into each sweet. Here, I have a treat for you now:

  2. Oh wise and wonderful Madame Katrina - pray tell me if you see travel in my future!

    1. You will be traveling the world, soon patient, and you will know it is time when you see this fairy wagon, waiting for you:

      Climb aboard, and enjoy the ride :)

    2. Traveling in style and with great company! Thank you. I am excited.

  3. Cool interactive Carnival/Fortune Telling!!! Thanks for putting this together. :-)

  4. What do you see in my future.......thank you
    I enjoyed hope to see you at my carnival
    There is a gypsy hiding somewhere in my woods ;)
    Gypsy Sista

    1. In your future, I see this:

      You will find it in the Enchanted Woods, where all magic is possible. It is where I live as well. Where do you find the Enchanted Woods, you ask? Follow the sound of the flute. The rest is for you to unravel.

  5. Wonderful carnival!!

    My question is ~Will I be able to secure the finances needed to keep my children in college this year?

    1. Silvia, yes you will. Here's why: I was looking through some of my stargazing charts and I suddenly saw something--it was the future. (Duh.) Anyway, I realized that proceeding the blue moon this year, a stardust fairy will be traveling through toward the Enchanted Woods. (In case you didn't know, stardust fairies are what mortals refer to as "shooting stars".) That is your opportunity to make your wish, and secure the finances necessary to keep your children in college. I cannot reveal the exact day, because if the fairy knows she is expected, she will not come. So just keep your eye on the sky!

  6. Oh, dear Madame Katrina, what delightful post and what a gracious offer to answer a question for each one of us! So let me think... Oh yes! Will I get the chance to travel and take photos?

    1. It is strange...all I can see is this:

      For some powers do not see beyond that. Oh, I remember now! It was in one of my fortune telling books. It's a fairy's crystal! When you find it, it will grant you one wish. Keep your eye open for it--it will be in the Enchanted Forest. And your wish will come true :D

  7. Madame Katrina, oh what is to become of me??? will I be a princess by Christmas?

    Debi x

    1. Well, who else is this crown for?? You shall become Frost Princess!

  8. Madame Katrina I Enjoyed coming to your Carnival Party and my Tarot Reading was Spot on! Thank You for an Enjoyable time.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. And now I couldn't help but ask a Question for the Crystal Ball Reading:

    We have many Grandchildren that our Daughters have Blessed us with... will our Son eventually also Bless us with Grandchildren some day?

    Thank You Madame Katrina for the Generosity extended to each of us at your Party... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. Here. I am giving you a Magic Spell. Use it for what you will. I can see the decision, but...perhaps it would be best for you to discover it for yourself.

      Sorry to be's so hard to reveal everything sometimes! I don't want to give the entire game away :)

  10. I am so enjoying your fortune telling madame Katrina, if you come to see my post you will see i have already been to the teller of fortunes, and have a very small giveaway but i would still like to ask another question to you....
    Will i have a cabin in the woods with the pond that i want so badly?

    1. You are destined! See for yourself:

    2. Thankyou so much, you are truly wise!

  11. :D Here is my Cinderella pumpkin...I am ready for my reading!!! (I need some guidance, LOL!)

    Cute post!
    Ricki Jill

  12. What does my crystal ball show me? Let's see...ahh yes, I see this in your future!

    You will find it in the Enchanted Woods, of course. Wave it once and you will be granted one wish!

  13. Oh Madame Katrina. What an incredible tent you have set up here. I am very intrigued by what you have to offer me. My question to you is, does happiness lay in the path of head? WHAT DO YOU SEE FOR ME, TELL ME PLEASE!??!?! P.s. LOVE YOUUUUU JESS! Hehe.

    1. Why, darling Jennifer, OF COURSE IT DOES!

      Here is a little taste of something you have to look forward to:

      Halloween approaches, and I believe you will find this sign in the Enchanted Forest, beckoning to you...I fear to say more, for I do not wish to ruin the surprises my sister Petunia has in store...whoops, did I just say that? I'm sorry. No more spoilers, I promise!

  14. How fun!!
    I love how this turned out!!this is so cute!
    Thank you for participating.

  15. Well done, and thank you for sharing those much fun.

    My question: will my blog friends find happiness?


    1. You need only check this mirror once a day to discover the truth:

      (Spoiler alert: the answer is yes!)

      Pretend I never said that :)

  16. I had a lovely visit with Madame Katrina in her mysterious tent! What a fun and clever carnival post. I also love all the images you collected in the last post. Thank you for joining us and adding to our revelry :)