Monday, July 23, 2012

Mad Tea Party Prep Love + Crafting

I have been very busy, yes very busy indeed.

Preparing for a very mad tea party, that is only 4 days away.

You see, I procrastinated. I have ideas building up inside of me to explosion point, and only now have I begun the crafting. Silly.

First of all, I purchased items from JoAnnes. (Gotta love craft stores!) I bought 3 yards of blue, sparkly tulle (which I didn't photograph, it's a surprise :) and blue edible pearls, as well as rainbow ribbon. I am so excited for them!

And then I hopped on over to A Fanciful Twist and looked at this post.

So that is when the cotton ball garland making madness began. I put my six hour Mad Tea Party playlist on and started.

Vanessa used embroidery floss, which is thicker than the simple sewing thread that I used. Unfortunately, we didn't have any embroidery floss, so I couldn't use it, otherwise, I would have. I recommend embroidery floss because it's thick and easier to see. But regular sewing thread works fine as well :)

Check out Vanessa's tutorial on the cotton ball garland for more details. It is super simple and very quick. And also addictive. 

Simply wrap your thread around your cotton ball, and voila! Then you string all of your cotton balls together at the end and you have a garland!

Here are Vanessa's cotton balls with embroidery floss. See how much more vibrant the colors are?

Cotton ball garland 3

I just had to wrap my thread around my cotton balls many times for it to turn out alright :)

I am planning on stringing these guys up at the Mad Tea Party! Haven't signed up? What are you waiting for???

I had a ton of fun with these cotton balls, let me tell ya. I have done many of Vanessa's crafts and I just love the outcome of all of them. Simple, easy, virtually no cost, and very fun! Which, after all, is what crafting is all about!

And speaking of crafting, I also visited this post from Vanessa and printed out a couple sheets of her printable stars and moons from the PDF she provides. I already have a banner of these, which I decorated by using silver and gold glitter glue and tracing the edges of the stars and moons, but I wanted some more that didn't have glitter. It turned out nicely, but be careful! The edges of your cutouts will curl up if your paper isn't thick enough.

A Fanciful Twist Wish Stars FOR BLOG

I just want to say, thank you Vanessa for all of your inspiration and hosting the wonderful event I have been looking forward to since...well, since last summer! 

What are your mad tea party plans? How are you preparing for this wonderfully crazy event?


P.S. I just picked up The Night Circus from the library today. I hope it's good! Has anyone read it?

P.S.S. All photos that are not claimed by the Rapunzel Studio watermark are from A Fanciful Twist.

P.S.S.S. I'm back to taking my own photos again! Man, it's good to be back in the swing of things! I was being lazy there for a while with the Pintrest pictures :) Also, the giveaway continues! As you can see, I've put a button on my left hand sidebar. If you click on it, you will be taken straight to the giveaway post, where you can enter for the giveaway. You can enter by leaving a comment on my latest post, or on the giveaway post, it doesn't matter. Just so long as you enter! Don't eliminate yourself from this drawing, it's an unbirthday package worthy of any true Alice fan!


  1. Oh looks like a ton of fun. I can't wait to see the garland in the tea party. The pictures are great. I hope that next year I will be able to join in on all the fun. =)

    Let us know how the Night Circus goes. =)


  2. I heard you were trying to find a name for a black kitten with a white chest. How about Starlight?
    Just a suggestion.
    I love cats!
    Teresa in California

  3. I am also in full swing preparation! The enchanted oven has Alice tea party cookies and the enchanted acorn has an Alice painting ready to roll. Can't wait!