Tuesday, July 17, 2012



Here I go.

I have found a boatload of new pictures on pintrest, from which I am going to share a few.

I have been feeling really inspired by the carnival theme lately. And not the a regular old carnival--something very whimsical and magical.


I have been especially inspired by colors lately. And I am also considering updating my room after the Mad Tea Party, so that I can bring a few of the decorations I've purchased up to my room.

But I'll show you more on that in a bit.

I am posting some of my favorite pictures collected.


I just find these so inspiring. As in, I get giddy when I see them.

Ooh, I'd take a ride here anytime!


Cotton candy colors inspire me to know end, as well as any pastel, really.

Can I have this, please? (I love snowglobes!)


Carousel love <3


And then: the ferris wheels.

I have a personal attraction to ferris wheels, for some reason.

This one especially reminds me of Neverland, haha!

Ferris Wheel

Taking a ferris wheel to Neverland, how fun??

(You'll have to excuse my recent Neverland obsession. My friend and I watched the first 2 Tinkerbell movies and now I'm going a little crazy there.)

Ferris Wheel

Lovely colors, I must say.

ferris wheel kristin~mainemomma

These pictures and more can be found here.

I think the carnival stuff came when I saw this post from Frosted Petunias.

Has anyone ever read The Night Circus? I am intrigued! I looked up the beginning part on Amazon and now I'm really into it! I was thinking of checking it out from the library to start, just in case I don't end up liking it :)

On another note, I have some news to share!

My package finally arrived! I went through a bit of an ordeal to order my vintage, black and white minnie mouse collectible, but she finally came!

Black and White Minnie Mouse Plush -- 7'' H

I collect Minnies, in case you didn't know :). I Just love this one! I have been wanting a Minnie Mouse like this for some time, and now I finally have her! Why didn't I just buy her when we were in Disneyland, you ask? Well, we just ran out of time. I saw her in a store when we were just bustling through, and I didn't have time to stop and purchase her. So I decided just to order. And that worked out just fine. :D

If you're interested in the giveaway (which takes place on July 28th, so your last day to enter is July 27th) quickly take a look at this post and leave me a comment right here to let me know you're in! I will hopefully be back in the next couple of days to show you what you'll actually win! Haha :)




  1. These pictures are great! Thanks for sharing. I have never heard of The Night Circus, the name is intriguing though I will have to look it up. I wanted to stop by and say thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.
    I was all excited thinking "Oh a fellow blogger, yay new blog to check out woot." So I get to your blog and am immediately in circus overdose, instantly sucked in and excited to follow. So first I checked out your pinterest to my surprise I am already following lol. So I come back to the blog and see my little face in your followers. XD Lets just say I felt a little ridiculous having not realized I was already following.
    That is funny that we follow so many of the same blogs. Probably how I happened upon yours lol. And yes I do visit a Fanciful Twist. I haven't joined the Mad Tea Party though. I didn't want to join knowing I probably wouldn't be able to come up with my own creative post to add.

  2. I want to read The Night Circus so badly! I don't think it's out in paperback yet though and I hate hard cover because it costs so much more, ugh. I just love these pictures you found! You're a bit addicted to pinterest I think ;) Also, I can't believe you are learning to drive!!! You said you never would haha! Oh you are too funny.
    I can't wait to see what you are doing with your bedroom!

  3. My first job out of high school was traveling with a carnival.
    I had a blast. Would I do it again?
    Probably NO.
    Do I still love the sights and sounds and smells? Absolutely!