Sunday, April 8, 2012


Easter is almost here! I just wanted to say a quick "Hope your day is awesome" farewell, because I probably won't be back for a while after Easter. I will try to be here, but I'm just warning you now that I might not be back.

This cake always makes me smile. I know it might look familiar to you because I have posted it before, but I simply cannot get enough of it. It was created by the lovely Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist, of course, (click on picture to take you to the post this beautiful cake is featured in).

This is the cake that might appear in Candyland...

And as you well know, this is the palace of the beloved Easter bunny, who will be making his rounds tonight to deliver his eggs...perhaps you see him now?

Is that not the cutest bunny you have ever seen? He is the Easter bunny :)

Fluff monster!!!!

Have an amazing Easter :) Hunt those eggs!


P.S. Just a reminder: click on any of the pictures to visit the website I borrowed them from.


  1. A very blessed and Happy Easter to you.


  2. The cake looks so delicious, hope you had a wonderful easter <3

  3. And why won't you be back for a while after Easter little miss...?

    Haha jk, I know you're crazy busy with school and such.

    Oh Candy Land... I never had that game as a child and was always SO jealous of people who did. Not for the actual food aspect of it all.. just the lovely colors and pretty things.

    Happy Easter to you to! Hope Mr. Bunny treated you fabulously ;)