Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Magical Visit, a Magical Gift, and a Mysterious Quest

Before I begin my tale, let me first catch you up to what happened last week, so you won't be confused....

Last Sunday, when the Christmas tree came out of its cardboard box to once again furnish our home with the festivities and delightful wonder of the Christmas season, I was thrilled. Beyond thrilled. I was rejuvenated.

I was nearly jumping with excitement as I put the first ornament onto our tree...

And our mantel above the fireplace was delicious as well! I decorated it myself because my brothers don't like doing that sort of thing and my parents were busy. I envisioned a perfect setting with my family decorating together and Christmas music playing in the background...oh well, some things just don't work out that way. But I still love it nonetheless.

And our fully decorated tree?

Glorious. :) 

My favorite ornament is below...I just love this one!

Well, that was last week. 

To me, putting up the Christmas tree is a magical moment. Not a Disney magical, which you can see the pixie dust floating though the air, but a figurative magical, where you can feel the sense of well being and happiness in the air. 

Little did I know what was in store for me....

My real story begins last night, when the strangest most wonderful thing happened. If only I had known how literal the word magical could be...

I was admiring our tree, as I do every day...

....and I saw something curious. A little white head peeking out from behind the curtains near the kitty playground right next to the tree.

Amazed and unsure of what I was seeing, I decided to take a step closer...

The little guy was shy and hopped up to one of the higher branches on our tree.

Not wanting to scare him away, I inquired who he was, wondering if he could talk. In a squeaky little voice, he introduced himself as Sprinkles. He taught me something very important that changed my outlook on Santa and the North Pole.

(He told me that I needed to keep his existence a secret, but I asked him if I could tell you guys and he said it was fine. :)

Well, here's what I found out:

1. Santa, the boss, the head of the largest toy factory in the entire world, of course needs helpers. Santa has a very important job because he runs the whole industry and keeps everyone on track. Those of you who thought he was merely a cookie-munching maniac who allowed his elves to work all day and night for him without lifting a finger are sadly mistaken.

2. The elves who help Santa are not alone. Who helps the helpers? Who does the little things that makes their work easy and efficient? The Puffles. They do little things like fetch tools and deliver messages that makes the elves' work so much easier and faster. Santa is able to make and deliver all of his gifts because of these little white puff balls. 

I was amazed. I had no idea that there were helpers for the helpers. But I guess it makes sense, after all. Puffles do the little things that make big differences--the pre-planning for Christmas that makes the actual event so much smoother. 

Puffles can move extremely quickly, and, because of their size, they are able to zip in and out of tight places like, for instance, go inside doll houses to help the elves with the construction of the doll's living quarters.

I asked Sprinkles why he had visited me, and he quickly hopped from one branch to another to reach his destination. 

He landed on the mantel without my assistance (this little dude is amazing!) and a shiny gold gleam met my eye. Gazing through the snowman's roof, I caught sight of a piece of paper inscribed with a heart on the front.

Upon further inspection...

I realized that Sprinkles had delivered a key to me!

Thrilled beyond belief, with shaking hands, I lifted the key and the piece of paper from their position nestled in the garland on the mantel and, trembling, opened the folded note.

Just in case you can't tell what it says in the swirly letters of Mrs. Claus, the letter is repeated below:

Dear Jessica,

The magic of Christmas is up to is the key to help you find it. It will unlock the room you can only see if you believe.

Happy Holidays!

Mrs. Claus

I was astounded. Bamboozled. Baffled. Thrilled. Glowing.

I examined the key more closely...

And nearly fainted with delight. I love skeleton keys. I want to know what they open, what their history is. And the fact that this one was delivered to me by the helper of an elf who works in Santa's workshop from Mrs. Claus took my breath away and left me standing there, unable to move.

A single word was inscribed on the key.

Mrs. Clause had told me that I needed to believe in order to find the door that the key unlocked.

"I do believe," I whispered into the Christmas filled room. "Thank you Sprinkles."

The Puffle responded with a squeak of affirmation and, as I blinked, disappeared.

One minute there....

The next minute, gone.

As though I had dreamt it all. 

But it wasn't a dream. I still had the evidence--the key and the note that Mrs. Claus had given me. 

What did the key unlock? I need your help! If you could possibly know, send in your comments! 

Isn't this the most magical thing you could possibly imagine?

I hope you have a lovely, enchanting day!


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  1. What a truly magical tale! Perhaps the elves need your help to open the vault of Christmas spirit, because no one in thw world believes anymore...