Monday, August 15, 2011

In Which I Discover Old Treasures and Prepare for Departure...

Welcome, friends! It has been a lovely August month, hasn't it? It wasn't too hot here in California, which suits me just fine, as I am a sweatshirt kinda gal. Anyway, as school draws nearer (only a week away--EEK!) I decided that I needed a getaway of some kind. So, will you join me as I travel into the Fairy Tale Woods? As I searched for a suitcase to pack my things, i discovered...this! Isn't it amazing?

This old trunk is exactly the kind of whimsical, antique thing that one would expect me to bring to the Fairy Tale Woods! I can't wait to take a peek inside...

(Cue gasping in wonderment). I can't believe it! Look at all of the things left inside! Perhaps these were long, forgotten artifacts from someone who had visited the Fairy Tale Wood long ago...was it fate for me to find these? Maybe they will assist me on my journey!

What a sweet little dolly! I wonder who she belonged to before I found her...? The mysteries are swirling around me like a whirlwind! I can't wait to explore their history further!

This is a cornhusk doll! Wow, such intricate detailing...she is so fragile and delicate. I must be very carefult to preserve her...

Ah, it appears that Dolly and Miss Cornhusk are friends!

Of course, Tiny Teddy must come and explore...that little mischief maker! I think he and Dolly will be good pals.

What is this? Oh, a bunny marionette! These are so fun to play with! Can you see Bunny's strings? There's a little wooden paddle that is attached to the top that one can hold to make him move. (I didn't take additional pictures, but I made him dance after I took this snapshot...tee hee).

I moved away from the trunk for a moment to share a picture of three of my favorite things. I won the peach candle at a baby shower and caught the flowers in the pink vase at my aunt's wedding. I also made that bracelet seated atop the candle...the wonderful idea came from A Fanciful Twist--just amazing!

What is Dolly doing, sneaking into the photo? Haha she must want to see what all the fuss was about! Why have you turned the camera away from us? What's going on, huh huh huh??

Keep calm, Dolly. Tee hee. I did as she asked and turned my attention upon the trunk. I lifted it into my hands and carried it away...will you join me for tea with the Duchess at Stardust Castle? You will have to come along...

This teacup is my favorite. :) I think I will take it along with me when i visit the Duchess for tea...

Isn't that tea set just darling? The Duchess will like that very much...yes, yes I must bring it along. Oh, my trunk is bulging with the weight of all that's worth it though. ;)

Come along, friends! Follow me into the won't be disappointed. :)

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Hope to see you soon!

<3 Jessica

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