Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sleeping Beauty Cake

The day that my friend and I watched Sleeping Beauty, I knew I just had to do it.

I needed to make Fauna's fail cake.

The one she attempts to bake for Aurora's birthday, but completely collapses in a mound of unbaked batter and frosting and candles.


So I started out with three four inch round classic vanilla cakes and a blue tinted cream cheese frosting. (You can use any type of cake you want, but the one Fauna attempted to make in the movie was vanilla, so I used that.)

I would recommend, when you make this cake (because I KNOW you will) that you make a runny frosting. My cream cheese frosting that I whipped up without a recipe (yes, I am just that good) was delicious, but a little too think for it to run down the sides of the cake like Fauna's.

(Mickey Mouse tribute!)

Anyway, the great thing about making this cake is that you can't fail because it IS a fail cake! There is no way in the world you can mess this up! If your cake exploded in the oven, you could just claim that it was all part of the plan. If it completely fell, that's good! If it crumbles to pieces, well...even better!

The only possible way to fail is to make an extremely pristine, perfectly baked, perfectly frosted cake. (And even then you could claim that was part of the I guess it's not failing?)


Here we go.

Fauna made 16 layers, but I went for three because we didn't have enough cake pans....(Believe me, I would have done it if I could!)

I stacked the cakes up and allowed the blue frosting to ooze out of the sides.

It's really quite genius, this cake.

I can still hear Fauna's innocent little voice: "One tsp..."
MERRYWEATHER: "One teaspoon."
FAUNA: "Oh one teaspoon, of course!" **giggle giggle**

Gotta love Fauna!

Next I piled on the frosting with wild abandon.

Just imagine a crazed person's face filled with the joy of not having to worry about messing up, and you've got a clear image of me.

(The frosting looks greenish above but it's actually pale blue).

Now, you can either leave it like this,

Or spread around the frosting.

It's leaning, it's sloppily frosted, it's covered in sprinkles....can this get any better? (I mean...worse?)

There you have it! One Sleeping Beauty cake, coming up!

Sprinkles make everything better :)

Hope you enjoy, and let me know how your fail cake turns out! (Because you WILL make one. How can you resist not being able to fail? Fauna, you're a genius!)


  1. Oh yummy! Now I'm longing for some cake. You're right, I think I might just have to make a fail cake. :-)

  2. You can't resist!!! :) OM NOM NOM!