Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Winter's Frost {An Original Art Piece}

Last night I felt like creating. 

A creature came to me in a dream. Literally, I dreamt of this art piece and when I woke up I realized that it was just pleading to be put onto canvas.

Or, in this case, paper.

I decided to try something a little different this time. I have tried my luck in acrylics before but I don't have all of the right supplies and I don't have any canvases. I find that I enjoy sketching and then coloring in with colored pencils a lot better. 

Not this time, though. Originally, I was going to just use colored pencils to shade my little creation, and then I realized that colored pencils wouldn't do the image I had conjured in my dream justice.

My dad had pastels that he used when he was in high school. They are still in good shape and they were exactly what I needed. 

After I had drawn the little fawn, I knew I needed a special kind of artists tool to make her look as though she was in the forest I imagined in my mind.

That's where the pastels come in. They're a special kind of chalk that is designed to be smudged and blended with your hands. (Time to get messy!)

This is what I came up with. And I love it. I had so much fun creating it, and I even bonded with my dad through the process. He had created amazing things with his pastels in the past and he showed me how to use them. I will definitely be experimenting more with them in the future :)

I get my best ideas at night. You?

I call this peice: A Winter's Frost. I named the little deer Fawn. She's my friend now :) Funny how you can create friends in your own mind and watch them take on personalities of their own. I just love that :) All of the little creatures that come to me become parts of me too.

Ta ta for now! Keep creating :)

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  1. I LOVE your art piece Jess! Looks so lovely. I thinks deers have a really ethereal quality to them. They're so pure, and there's just something magical about them. I think you are fantastic for pursuing different mediums of art. A LOT of people start out sketching with a pencil and some paper, and then try their hands at other sorts of stuff. The pastels look really lovely. And it's so neat that they're your dads from when he was younger. Especially that he has kept them all this time! That's incredible! You can tell you have a natural talent for colour by the way you used dimension in the tree and the deer. Looks fantastic! Might I suggest the dollar store for cheap art supplies? I know that sounds insane. But I get a lot of canvas and canvas board there. You may have it in your local store too. And there are also water colours. You can honestly use the 99 cent little kids palette of water colours and it will look just fine. I have a lot of professional art supplies and find myself turning to the inexpensive stuff even more. Wal Mart has a great art section, and those little bottles of acrylic paint (the cheap craft kind) can be adequate depending what sort of surface you're painting with them on. Anyway, just my little advice for art mediums! You have a talent girly, pursue it and have fun!