Thursday, December 15, 2011

Snow Globe Flurries...

Have you ever wondered what about those wintery scenes encased in glass is so magical? For me, snow globes hold an attraction that I just can't explain.

I love this ornament. It makes me wonder what my own little snow globe would be like if I had one...

Can you imagine if you could design your own little world specific to you desires and wishes and dreams and put it all in a snow globe and, when you wish, step inside it to enjoy your secluded "you" time for a few moments? I think about this often....hopefully I am not the only one?

Anyway, the little guy up there is an ornament hanging on my tree and I just love the polar bear and the little guy riding him! And, so taken with my visions am I, that I invite you to visit my very own snow globe fantasy...

Will you join me?

This image found here

Isn't he adorable? If I could have a little guy like him stay in miniature and ride around on my shoulder...oh swoon! How delightful!

Anyway, back to my snow globe fantasies....

I would like to welcome you to a little town called Sugarplum Village where I have my very own Sugarplum Cottage.

This image found here

It snows here quite often, with pink sparkles raining down from the sky from the fairies overhead...
And Jack Frost swirls little flurries about with wintery magic.

In as state of utter and complete delight, I grab a pink cupcake...

And perch by the fire as I watch White Christmas and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Yumm! Oh how wonderful these fantasies are sounding! And my little polar bear, who rides around on my shoulder (he is actually big enough to cradle in my arms but doesn't get any bigger than that) I have named Sugarplum. Seems to fit, doesn't it? Teehee :)

Reluctantly, I decided that I must leave my winter wonderland little snow globe to return to the real world to make some fudge :)

Thank you for listening to my tiny snow globe dreams. What about you? Do you have any fantasies about your very own snow globe world? I would love to hear them :)

Merry almost Christmas, everyone!

Happy Holidays to all!

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