Monday, November 21, 2011

Wintery Surprises... {An Invitation}

The time has come, oh yes, it's here!

Upon frolicking through the sparkling trees in the forest, our three little snowmen stumbled upon a teacup that was spilled over with magic...

And a little bottle full of Jack Frost's winter magic!

Oh how the snowmen were delighted by their findings! They pranced and played and laughed, jolly as can be. For what they had discovered was certainly cause for glee!

Inside that teacup, spilling out onto the checkered floor, was an invitation in the form of a star. 
The glitter on the star was sparkling and swirling with flurry, the snowmen said.
And they watched on eagerly for something extraordinary to happen.

Oh how wonderful, how delightful was their find! For they had stumbled across the entrance to this year's Annual Christmas Tea Party! How exciting! Who could ask for more?

Delighted by their findings, they gazed up at the glistening treetops and laughed merrily, for they knew what was coming, and they couldn't wait to share!

And so, dear friends, I invite you to A Woodland Fantasy's first ever Christmas Tea. You will come, won't you? Oh how exciting! How wonderful! There will be treats, you know. Cupcakes and candies galore! And of course, a little gingerbread house deep within the forest of cotton ball trees...(the delightful idea for cotton ball Christmas trees was from Vanessa on A Fanciful Twist, and can be found here.)

Aren't you excited? I am nearly jumping out of my fluffy shoes! The colors are vibrant from the autumn leaves here, and it seemed the perfect time to announce a Christmas Tea! I do hope you'll just won't be the same without you! 

So, how do you participate? 

1.) Copy the following invitation (including the A Woodland Fantasy name above the photo, because we want everyone to know that this event is hosted by the right blog) to your blog/blog sidebar.

2.) Leave a comment below this post saying that you plan on participating and I will add you to the guest list :)

3.) Get planning for this wonderful event! 

A Woodland Fantasy Presents:
This event hosted by: A Woodland Fantasy

Thanks so much to everyone willing to participate! I will see you all come December 10! :)))

xx Jessica

P.S....On that magical day, when we shall have our Christmas tea, we will unleash the magic of Winter...

Aren't you excited?? I know I am! Thanks everyone :D


  1. Jessica,
    Oh YAY! I am super excited. I would absolutely love to participate in your Christmas tea! It will be delightful. I love Christmas and I adore your decorations. Such whimsical little fellas. Looking very much forward to it!

  2. Thanks so much, Jenn! You are the first to participate! I know it will be a blast! Thanks so much!


  3. Hi Jessica~ I would be delighted to join in on the festivities : ) Thank you for the invitation. I've got preparations under way... Christmastime parties can be so much fun! See you and Jennifer there!
    Bonne Nuit Designs art dolls, puppets, and miniature worlds

  4. My blog: Bonne Nuit Designs