Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MISSING DOG--COCO! from Arizona.....

LOST DOGGY! If you have seen this lost puppy, please contact the number on the picture. Coco went missing in Arizona and her owners desperately hope to find her! If you live in Tuscan Arizona and happen to get wind of this blog post and spot Coco, notify her owners IMMEDIATELY! They are worried sick!


Spread the word! As long as people continue to tell each other that Coco is missing, perhaps everyone will be on the lookout and will find her!

Chocolate Lab Tucson Coco Missing 2

Isn't she cute?

Chocolate Lab Tucson Coco Missing 4

If you have ever lost an animal, you know what it feels like--after all, they are a part of your family and you miss them dearly! Well this is exactly how Coco's owners feel and if spreading the word about Coco missing will help them find her more quickly, then so be it!

I understand that if you live no where near Arizona, you most likely have no way of finding Coco personally. But don't count yourself out of the equation yet! Every person who tells someone else will eventually cause the word to spread around and maybe people who DO live in Arizona can find her!

So, basically, you can be helpful even if you don't live in or around Arizona.

The pictures were taken from A Fanciful Twist (where else?) with permission from Vanessa. She wants as many people to know about Coco's absence so they can assist in safely returning her home. Once again, call 520-237-2703 if you find Coco! To Coco and her family, my thoughts and prayers are with you!


Hugs, hexes, and boatloads of well-wishes,


P.S. Just a side note.....the Halloween party is approaching fast, even if you don't think so--TIME FLIES! So get your witches hat out, pull on your striped stockings, get your blog registered for A Fanciful Twist's annual Halloween Party and let's eat all the candy corn we possibly can!

P.S.S. I hope you find your way home, Coco! xoxoxoxo

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  1. Aw...Coco is so beautiful. I really will pray that she is found!